14 Magento Website Examples from Different Industries

Published by Raffy Montehermoso on January 22, 2020

One of the leading platforms for e-commerce is Magento. Various companies choose it due to its flexibility. To see how each business uses it, a list of Magento website examples will show you how it’s applied.


What companies use Magento?

Several well-known brands are using Magento as their content management system. From Helly Hansen to Ford, each of these companies uses the open-source platform for their e-commerce website. So, what makes these companies choose a more robust tool to handle e-commerce transactions?

Online shopping is the new way to buy anything from clothes to furniture. Statista estimates that around 1.92 billion people ordered goods or services online in 2019. Worldwide, e-retail sales exceeded 3.5 trillion U.S. dollars. Growth in e-commerce projects to even increase in the future.

Thus, it makes sense to have the right software that allows a trouble-free online shopping experience. With Magento, it’s easy to manage a product catalog. Another advantage of Magento is it’s fully customizable. You can design your website to match your brand and optimize it to rank well in search engines. Consider the platform for your online store if the following Magento website examples inspire you.


What websites use Magento?

Some businesses choose Magento for the clean and simplistic homepages that can be built.. Additionally, Magento can be customized for functions such as product filters, online payment integrations, reviews, and automatically determining the buyer’s location. Here are examples of websites using Magento grouped according to different industries.

Automotive Brands

Land Rover


Land Rover has a dedicated page for its official merchandise items. There are various Range Rover-themed products, from model cars to pocket tools.

Categories that hover with images make it easy to view the items. On the product display page, there’s an option to either view them in a grid or a list view.




The official website to buy Ford vehicle add-ons provide a no-nonsense approach to snap a product online.

A search and select menu provide sorting to choose car accessories that will fit a specific Ford vehicle. The homepage has a dropdown of images of each car model. When selected, all the items on display match the available car accessories for the chosen vehicle.




A video of the Jaguar I-PACE greets online visitors on this Danish page of the electric car model.

It doesn’t have the usual homepage menu, opting for a four-step car quote and reservation process. The details of each version of the car are on display. An option to select other Jaguar car models is one click away as well.



Harvey Nichols


Harvey Nichols is a luxury department store based in London with several brands available. Its website highlights products on the season, much like a storefront shop.

Prices adjust to the currency of the visitor’s country. A brand and color filter lets the shopper choose the products further.


Home Furnishing

Tom Dixon


Lighting fixtures and contemporary furniture make up most of the items available for purchase on the website of Tom Dixon.

Grids with highly curated images highlight the products visibly. It has a different design per language. The distinct layout aims to appeal to each region.


Cox & Cox


Home decorations and other wares are available to buy online at Cox & Cox. The homepage has a lot of details. Vouchers and ways to contact the store are on the header.

There’s an order tracking system in place to monitor the status of the item purchased. Aside from the usual search box, they also provide the option to search by using voice.


Tile Giant


Tile Giant provides a wide variety of floor pieces when shopping for tiles online in the United Kingdom.

On the homepage are bold displays of products on sale and other announcements. Buyers can filter the tile variants according to size, styling, and material.



Helly Hansen


Outdoor clothing label Helly Hansen operates in several countries. The online version of its store reflects the product details in a full-width layout.

Product recommendations are in place once a specific item is on view. Included are customer reviews to assist in deciding before buying.


Fred Perry


Known for its iconic shirt, global clothing brand Fred Perry has a visual feast of edgy media on its homepage.

A size guide and estimates on item delivery are on the specific product pages. Having an account on the e-commerce store can also be done with a social media account.


Christian Louboutin


The luxury shoe brand has an unusual product layout on the homepage. Specific item pages, however, have a simple format.

Building up the e-commerce website’s accessibility is a helpful sidebar. Page elements and a visual toolkit makes for an easy browsing encounter.





Wireless headphones company Urbanista devotes its first page to product highlights and a section for user-generated content.

Right on the homepage, earphones have different colors to click and see how the unit looks in the variant. There’s also a review part integrated by a third-party provider.


Food and Beverage



The online candy shop of Sugarfina lays out its sweet treats with photos that complement the candies and the packaging.

A header menu sticks to the top of the browser to remind the visitor of the various choices available. Each candy product page has a collapsible section that shows nutrition and dietary facts.


Nestle Nespresso


From coffee capsules to coffee machines, the Nespresso website encourages its visitors to make a cup and taste one at home.

Product variants come in a list view with a visible button to add it to an online cart. On the other hand, coffee purchases that are on sale are in a grid format.





Dominating the screen of Byredo’s homepage are blocks of large product photos of perfumes, candles, and makeup collection.

The hidden menu enables the page to stick to its bold imagery. Every product listing page has an option on how to ask for more details via email, phone, or live chat.


Magento 1 versus Magento 2

As a practical e-commerce platform, Magento has different editions for online merchant activities. Magento 1 is an earlier version. It’s also known as the Magento 1 Community Edition or Magento 1 Enterprise Edition.

Magento 2, on the other hand, is the latest version. It has open-source and enterprise editions. The open-source version is free to download, while the enterprise editions have a price tag depending on the business requirements.

Compared to Magento 1, Magento 2 has a lot of tools that benefit an online store. Magento 2 supports the latest PHP to improve site speed. It has a more user-friendly dashboard and meta tags function for SEO optimization.


Magento Website Design

Before joining the likes of top brands using Magento, you need to plan how your e-commerce website is going to look. 38% of web visitors will stop engaging if your layout is not attractive or doesn’t impress them. Hence, you need to have an online shop that speaks to your branding and target market. As you may have observed from the Magento website examples, each has a well-thought design. It makes it easy for their customers to browse and buy.

Another factor you need to consider is images that load fast. Google’s research shows that bounce rate – the rate at which visitors leave your website – increases 32% once the page hasn’t loaded in more than 3 seconds. Therefore, your collection of beautiful photos need to have a reduced file size without sacrificing quality.

For a flawless online shopping experience, have design experts take on the job. Delesign is one of the design services that can provide a better user interface for your customers buying goods online.

If you frequently update product images or have seasonal promotions, a dedicated designer from Delesign will assist you. A flat subscription pricing enables you to assign unlimited design jobs and revisions. Consequently, it takes away the hassle so you can concentrate on growing your e-commerce operations.

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