5 Simple Ways to Grow Any Social Media Following

Maria Waida March 3, 2019

Social media marketing is a critical factor in the success of most thriving businesses in the world today. There are over 2 million businesses advertising on Facebook alone. So you know two things: you need to use social media but it’s tough to stand out. Here are some tips that can be applied to any of your social media accounts today.

Add Value

No matter what you post, share, or comment, make sure what you’re putting out into the world adds value to whoever views it. Use your niche expertise to share a hot take on the subject matter. Make an industry related joke that will tickle your readers. You can even share resources that you’ve found helpful along the way while giving a shout out to the creator. Whatever you do just make sure you’re not adding more fluff into the world and instead put something out there that is different, new, or original.

Giveaways and Contests

One way to add value is by providing something with literal monetary worth through competitive contests or exciting giveaways. This tactic creates high user engagement rates. By requiring your fans, followers, and friends to use a certain hashtag or share the same link, you gain access to their entire audience of friends and colleagues. Not to mention the boost in SEO as your website begins to gain links on hundreds of new pages across the internet.

Partnerships with Social Media Influencers

A social media influencer can be defined as any entity that has an extremely popular social media account. Each social media brand has its own unit of measurement for popularity but it usually takes the form of followers or friends. Many social media influencers offer paid brand deals that include things like personal messages, prewritten campaigns, and a few other creative options. Again, this method is only as powerful as the follower engagement from this specific influencer so be sure to educate yourself on how to tell a real audience from a fake one.

Posting Content Regularly

It cannot be said enough times – the amount of content you publish does not matter if you’re not posting regularly. If your content is really high quality (as it should be) your audience will look forward to new material from you at regular intervals. Don’t disappoint them by disappearing! Providing a reliable posting routine will help your audience blend the consumption of your content into their regular routine and further bond with your brand over time.

Engaging with Followers

Finally, make sure you actually talk to people. Don’t just post and ghost – reply to each and every comment, thank people for sharing, and do whatever it takes to keep the conversation going between your account and your audience. No one likes to be talked at so be sure to engage them with questions and follow up comments.

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