October 22, 2020 Published by Chelsea Lamb

5 Strategies That Could Help Your Online Business Thrive and Grow

In creating a digital footprint for your small business, these ways can help you optimize your online operations and maximize your profits.

5 Strategies That Could Help Your Online Business Thrive and Grow

All across the country, businesses are still being forced to keep their doors closed or operate at a reduced capacity due to COVID-19. If you’re an entrepreneur who owns one of these businesses you may have taken your efforts online to keep from having to close your doors permanently.

With online sales more popular than ever, creating this digital footprint for your small business is such a smart idea. Even so, you may need to find ways to optimize your online operations and maximize your profits and these tips can help you do just that.

Streamline Order Fulfillment Systems

Consumers have come to expect fast shipping when they place orders online. So if you want to keep your business competitive, you need to find ways to optimize your processing systems. More commonly known as order fulfillment systems, these processes can begin with using tools to enhance collaboration with suppliers and extend up into your supply chains. Easy-to-read and sleek order forms can also speed things along, so don’t forget this critical detail.

Provide Fast and Reliable Shipping

Once a customer’s order has been fulfilled, it’s up to your carrier to get those products to their doorstep in a timely manner. Well actually, the speed of shipping begins with the steps you take after those boxes have been filled with the correct products. For example, properly labeling packages and filling out the right forms can help speed things along and ensure that your shipments reach the right address.

If you want to offer free and fast shipping to your customers, you can also consider rolling shipping expenses into the price points of your products.

Also Provide Reliable Customer Service

Even with the right fulfillment and shipping steps, some customers are bound to be unhappy with their orders. One of the first measures you can use to ensure that changed minds don’t turn into frustrated customers is to offer self-service or DIY returns.

With self-service returns, your customers can process their transaction and print labels without having to get your staff involved. This can save everyone involved a lot of time and hassle. Of course, you will also want to pair those easy returns with quality customer service, including a chat support option.

Maximize Social Media Ads and Content

If you want to offset those inevitable returns, you need to be able to drive new customers to your online business. Social media ads can provide an effective and inexpensive way to do so, and Facebook or Instagram are the perfect platforms to focus on from the start. These are some of the most popular sites used by consumers these days and designing eye-catching ads with either can be pretty simple and seamless.

If you want completely free marketing opportunities, you can also optimize your social media content to increase traffic to your ecommerce site. Funneling them back to your website is a smart and inexpensive way to snag sales and build your customer base.

Create an Engaging and User-Friendly Website

Staying connected on social media can entice more folks to visit your website. Now you don’t want those potential customers to be disappointed with what they see, which is why it’s so important to make sure your ecommerce site is as professional and functional as possible. To accomplish this, you need to understand the key differences and similarities between web design and graphic design. Both elements are essential if you want your website to wow customers, so you may even want to bring in consultants to help with your web design needs.

Obviously there are many other ways to make the most of your online shop during the pandemic and even beyond. If you start with the basics mentioned above, however, you should be able to increase your profits without overwhelming your team or yourself. In fact many of the suggested changes will help you streamline your operations. Then you will have even more time to attend to more pressing projects. Because time is ultra valuable when you’re an entrepreneur.

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