6 Winning Social Media Video Tips For Businesses in the B2B Industry

Published by Natasha Rei on April 22, 2021
6 Winning Social Media Video Tips For Businesses in the B2B Industry

Videos are one of the most essential content to share on social media networks. On a platform like YouTube, over 1 billion hours of online videos are watched daily. This suggests that the vast majority of people enjoy this type of content when receiving new information.

This staggering number urges marketers to take action into using online videos for promotional purposes. Many then come up with the term video marketing strategy by converting copywriting into a short video to engage with the audience.

Although it seems that social media videos are common for the B2C approach, incorporating the same strategy for the B2B industry is likely to bring benefits.

Many B2B companies leverage social media to give an online presence. Since social networks are accessible for all, the chance of getting exposure is higher. This allows them to be known pretty quickly.

Not to mention that a company can build an audience (as well as testimonials) to strengthen its brand profile in the online world. It will also help other businesses keep client trust and eventually make a deal together.

The following are the tips you can follow to improve your social media videos when running a campaign for the B2B industry.

1. Find your goals

Sometimes you have set a type of marketing video in mind before actually knowing what your intention is. Having a company video is fun and looks professional on your end. You can brag about the video and share it with the world because that's the proud moment you've been longing for.

However, this mindset is outdated. Company videos aren't just a symbol to boast what your business is all about. It's more than that.

You need to create a purpose when making the video. Otherwise, all your resources will go to waste.

Yes, your video is the representation of your company and while you're at it, you can make the most of the video to get clients. You can incorporate branded content, such as explainer videos, to engage with your prospects and ensure they become your partner.

When you have a clear goal, monitoring your progress will be much easier. Moreover, you'll get to boast about your company and make clients at the same time.

2. Know your target market

When it comes to the B2C industry, making buyer personas isn't as challenging as creating one for the B2B industry. You won't determine the demographic and behavioral system for your business clients.

Instead, you'll analyze what type of business can benefit from using your service and how they work. You'll investigate, collect data, and get more information about your prospects before making the marketing video.

This step is critical because not every business needs your helping hand, whether it's not in their niche products or business lines.

Since the B2B video is more professional in nature, you may want to consider the type of marketing video that fits this well. You won't include a video with quirky narration to get attention. It doesn't work that way.

Rather, keep your video elegant and intelligent. This will represent your brand as it is.

3. Focus on your messages

Your marketing video works as a whole proposal to get more clients. When you focus on your company narration instead of the story to inform prospects, the chance is they won't be interested in the brand at all.

Although the video is about promoting yourself to your clients, making it all about your company is a big no. Nobody wants to watch a brand’s historical video when they receive nothing in return.

Remember that you work on convincing your prospects to use your product or service. You should be working on giving them reasons why they need to make a deal with you and how the product will benefit them.

Clients like to be pampered. So, when you explain how you can help them solve their problems, they'd be more interested in using your service. Make sure to talk in their language to ensure them that you understand what their pain points are.

4. Engage in 10-seconds

Ever since the advent of the internet, looking out for new partnerships and deals has become more efficient. You can literally find a client at your fingertips without going out of the room.

The online world has made everything easier, including working on your social media promotions. However, the thing about social platforms is that every user can scroll past a post without a second glance.

This can be a huge challenge for marketers to find online prospects. They can be easily diverted to other posts and forget the previous one.

That's why the next tip to make a winning marketing video is by creating an engaging opening.

Since a human's attention span is around 8-10 seconds, it's vital to optimize videos within this duration. An eye-catching opening will allow people to stay engaged for the next minutes.

When you successfully capture their attention during this time, you can rest assured they will watch the video until it ends. Then, you're able to send the message you want to convey.

5. Insert closed captions

Do you know that most people watch videos with the sound off?

In platforms like desktop Twitter and Facebook, videos are automatically muted. You need to unmute it to listen to it. Although it may look like a hassle to repeatedly unmute a video, a study shows that 85% of users enjoy the muted video.

Imagine if you don't include any built-in subtitles in your marketing video. You won’t have any idea how many people will miss your message because they don't actually listen to it.

Moreover, getting captions will eliminate the possibility of prospects getting confused over your video messages. Sometimes people can't quickly understand what the narrator says throughout the video. Therefore, it's important to add subtitles to your video

6. Set a posting schedule

Working on social media platforms is challenging because each platform has a different personality and purpose. Without a deep understanding of the platform, it's almost impossible to reach the right audience.

You should learn the best posting time on different social networks. Since your prospect isn't online 24/7, make sure that you post the video at the right time.

For example, if your prospect works nine to five, scheduling a post on Sunday at 10 a.m. is the worst idea.

Make sure to have some research to what time your prospects will have their leisure time or when they aren't at work. Do not forget to set a regular post in your account. It'll help you gain more followers because you're active on the platform.

Bottom Line

Incorporating marketing videos is essential for every business when promoting their product or service, especially for the B2B industry.

In the internet era, social media platforms have been an inevitable medium to run campaigns. With so many professionals using social networks, whether it's for online presence or sales purposes, introducing marketing videos on the platform can benefit them.

Check out the tips above to boost your social media videos in attracting more clients.

Natasha Rei

Natasha Rei is the Digital Marketing Manager of Explainerd, an explainer video production agency. She ensures strategic goals are met by directing online and social media campaigns.

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