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7 Product Launch Ideas to Get Your Company Noticed

Want to give your product the launch it deserves? Take a look at our top product launch ideas to get your compan...

Finally, got your new product ready for the market? Congratulations! But, that is just one part successfully completed out of two. The second part which is the product launch can get tricky, hence, the reason why you need product launch ideas with a high success rate.


Companies like Apple and Google have shown that they know the recipes for a good product launch. In 2010 alone, Apple sold over 300,000 iPads on its launch date. Google in 2018 created a buzz about its upcoming products through its "Made by Google" product launch event.

Why were these two companies able to achieve such feats? Maybe because they combined the recipes below in their product launch ideas:

Recipe for Good Product Launch Ideas

Recipe for Good Product Launch Ideas

Product launches serve as an avenue for a company to introduce its new product offering to the market. At this point, the public gets the chance to see what the company has been up to and also get acquainted with the product.

According to the Insight Association, only 40% of product launch ideas make it to the market. Out of 40%, only 60% are commercially viable. So, how do you ensure your company’s product launch idea makes it to the market and is commercially viable? Read below:

Your Product Launch Ideas Should Be Customer-Centric

Most companies neglect the product target market and make the launch date only about the product which should not be the case. Every product launch should factor in the consumer by emphasizing the value the product will provide. The important and unique features of the product alongside how they help to satisfy consumer needs should be used as the main attraction point.

Create Suspense About The Product

As humans, we are all naturally curious. One way to invoke curiosity in a consumer about a product is by creating a sense of mystery. For example, when deliberating product launch ideas you can withhold disclosing information about some of the product’s features until the launch date. You may also decide to extend invitations to only certain individuals to make it appear exclusive.

Be Visual With Your Product Launch Ideas

You can decide to have a product launch event with launch party themes, but should you neglect the online community? There are several ways you can showcase your products, and one of them is through visual representation. With visuals from Delesign, it becomes hard for your target market to forget the product.

Top 7 Product Launch Ideas To Try

Product Launch Ideas

For a successful product launch, we identified seven ideas that fit the recipe criteria. These ideas can either be used separately or together. They include:

Start a Blog

On your company website, you can have a blog that focuses on educating consumers on the product. Through the blog, you can provide useful details on:

  • What the product does
  • How to maximize the use of the product’s features
  • How the product satisfies certain needs

Leading up to the product launch date, the blog can be updated on a weekly basis with varied content. The content can be shared on your social media sites so that your followers are aware of all they need to know about the product. You can also place a form on your website for interested individuals to sign up for your mailing list.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posts are another avenue you can utilize to increase your product’s visibility leading up to the launch date. With product launch ideas such as guest posts, you can grab the attention of individuals who may have not heard of your products. Most Digital Marketing agencies like AAA Digital that work with E-commerce and SaaS companies always go for Guest Posts to increase the reach of their client's products and services.

When thinking of platforms to have your product post hosted on, we advise looking out for websites with huge followings or large website traffic.

Get Your Products Reviewed

Your target consumers may not want to give your product a try unless there is proof that it is functional. According to a survey conducted by Zendesk, 90% of individuals are influenced by online product reviews. To set the right background for your product launch, you can get individuals who are considered to be subject matters on your product niche to do a review.

So, when your target consumers go online to find out more about your product, they can see what others have to say about it. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have diverse influencers you can reach out to. Keep in mind that if you receive a negative review, it’s not the end of the world. There are a lot of ways to successfully manage negative reviews that can result in an unhappy customer becoming your biggest fan.

Organize Giveaway Contests

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? Giveaway contests can create more buzz about your product launch. Consumers love to get freebies and the excitement of getting your product for free increases awareness of your product.

Giveaway contests can also turn winning consumers into paying customers if your product satisfies their needs. To amplify the reach of the your giveaway, you can partner with influencers who have a huge following or reach in your niche.

Increase Social Media Engagement

In terms of product launch ideas, social media engagement should be a key part. Don’t just wait until your product is about to launch before you grow your social media presence. Instead, while the product is undergoing development, you can start creating a following. You can do so by making regular updates on your product development progress.

When you achieve a milestone in product development, you can share it on your page. This way you are constantly promoting knowledge of your product in the consumer’s mind. If you don’t keep potential customers updated on what you’re up to, it makes it easier for them to forget your product.

For example, if you are holding an event for the launch, you can use social media to spread awareness of your launch party themes.

Utilize Social Media Teasers

With social media, you have an inexpensive means to promote product launch ideas. When making updates to your followers on product development, you can make use of cryptic messages or visuals.

On days leading up to the launch, you can also create a countdown to increase the anticipation for the product. Apple and Samsung are examples of companies that utilize cryptic messages to increase product interest.

Organize a Launch Event

One of the most successful product launch ideas is the use of an event to introduce a product to the market. With a product launch event, you can have launch party themes, invite your employees, selected consumers, influencers, other product makers, and the media. In the event, you can give out gifts such as custom keychains, printed t-shirts, and personalized pens. The mix of attendees ensures that there is a buzz among people which in turn promotes your product.

The launch party details should be given 2 or 3 weeks prior to the product launch. This way, there is enough time to promote it on your social media platforms and other outlets.


Getting your product launch to be successful is achievable. You may draw inspiration from companies like Apple and Google, but it is necessary that your own strategy be unique and real to your own brand.

Once you pinpoint the best mix of product launch idea that works well for your company, it is important that the implementation is done well. If you need help on your visual representation during the product launch phase, you can always reach out to experts at Delesign.

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