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9 Digital Marketing Tools for an Effective B2B Lead Generation Campaign

Effective lead generation is the topmost priority for most B2B marketers today. Unfortunately, generating good and qualified leads is a challenge for most B2B businesses ....

Effective lead generation is the topmost priority for most B2B marketers today. Unfortunately, generating good and qualified leads is a challenge for most B2B businesses.

Thankfully, there are so many cost-effective and easy-to-use digital marketing tools available today that can boost your lead generation rate. This is the reason why such tools are becoming increasingly popular. Your lead generation rate will improve when you strategically invest in such tools.

In this article, you will learn about some amazing digital marketing tools that can help you boost your B2B lead generation process the right way. You’ll also understand the benefits of using these tools that will help you make an informed decision about investing in them.

1. Lead Connect

Did you know that more than 80% of B2B leads generated through social media come from LinkedIn?! Yes, you need to master LinkedIn lead generation if you are looking to scale your B2B business! LeadConnect is an easy-to-use and super-affordable LinkedIn automation tool that will turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generation machine.

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LinkedIn is a platform where you can find most of your B2B target personas. All you need to do is connect with them and build healthy relationships. The key to building trustworthy and long-lasting relationships on LinkedIn is through personalization.

LeadConnect helps you schedule connection requests along with personalized messages targeted to your ideal customer persona. The tool also helps you schedule multiple personalized follow-up messages. You can even stop sending follow-ups when any reply is detected.

Using LinkedIn automation software such as LeadConnect, you can set up your entire LinkedIn lead generation campaign in a few minutes. The tool will take care of the rest and you will keep getting an increased number of leads for your B2B business.

2. Easysendy For Email Marketing

Easysendy is the most satisfactory option for marketers to send marketing emails and drive better results. Easysendy is an all-in-one email marketing solution that allows you to carry all your various marketing channels together and accelerate traffic, a higher conversion rate, and better ROI for online geeks, marketers, small businesses, and startups. In addition, you can easily design email templates for your campaigns.

Increase your sales with Easysendy email marketing solutions across all industries; Easysendy can help businesses extend their reach, boost conversion rates, create a bond with their audience, and increase sales.

EasySendy's free plan involves up to 2,000 connections. As a result, its platform is most effortless to get used to, with drag-and-drop features that enable you to stylize your emails.

3. HubSpot Marketing Hub

Hubspot’s Marketing Hub is one of the best tools to optimize your lead generation process and grow your business overall. The tool has both free and premium versions.

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The free version is apt for smaller businesses that have just started their lead generation process. It takes care of your major lead generation requirements such as landing pages, management of contacts, email marketing, live chat integration, and forms. It also helps you manage social media ads such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads.

With the premium version of the HubSpot Marketing Hub, you also get additional features such as ad retargeting, landing page reporting, marketing automation, blogging, adaptive testing, and account-based marketing.

Even though the premium versions of the Hubspot marketing hub are on the costlier side, your investment will be worth it. The tool is popular amongst marketers because it is easy to use and provides you with detailed analysis to maximize your lead generation rate.

4. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is an email and phone finder software. It helps you get your leads and target audiences’ contact details through their company name, job title, website, LinkedIn profile, and business phone number.

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If you are looking to scale your outbound lead generation game, then an email finder software can be super helpful to you. AeroLeads provides you with the most accurate lead contact information so that you can stop the guesswork and focus on your outbound strategy.

5. Unbounce

Landing pages are a crucial part of any successful lead generation campaign. The quality of your Landing page will completely determine the outcome of your campaign. Hence as a B2B business owner, you must consider investing in a good Landing page builder tool such as Unbounce.

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Unbounce is an AI-powered custom landing page builder that can drastically improve your lead generation and conversion rates. It is an extremely easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool that helps you customize your landing pages to fit your exact needs.

You can effectively A/B tests your landing pages and optimize your entire lead generation campaign. This will lead to increased ROI and growth for your B2B business.

6. Intercom

Intercom is a popular digital marketing tool used for messaging options such as real-time chats and chatbots. The tool will help you convert more and more website visitors into highly qualified leads.

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Chatbots and live chat options are essential for engaging website visitors into meaningful conversations. With the amount of competition in the market today, your visitors are always expecting immediate responses to their queries. When they don’t get one, they will move on to your competitors.

Hence, you need to invest in a tool such as Intercom if you want to have a competitive edge in the market. Moreover, the tool also helps you re-engage with customers using targeted outbound messages, product tours, and email campaigns.

7. Zapier

Zapier is a powerful automation tool that can put your entire lead generation process into an autopilot mode. If you are looking for digital marketing tools that will help save time and yet generate highly qualified leads for your B2B business, then Zapier is a must-try!

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Zapier allows integrations with thousands of apps that you might be using for your business. After integrating, you can design effective workflows between your apps and thus streamline your entire lead generation process.

Zapier is easy-to-use and works well with most of your apps such as GSuite, social media apps, calendar apps, communication tools like Slack, and many more. Such powerful workflows will drive more leads to your business.

8. is a multichannel sales automation tool that can help you improve your lead generation process to a significant extent. The automation tool helps build highly targeted email lists and automate your cold email campaigns.

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Using this tool, you can send ultra-personalized cold emails and follow-ups from your browser. The platform even generates a list of everyday tasks related to your campaigns. This results in increased productivity and better ROI from your lead generation efforts.

The tool also integrates with powerful platforms such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc. so that you can manage your campaigns effectively and maximize your ROI.

9. OptinMonster

Optinmonster is an advanced lead generation and conversion optimization software that can be highly effective for your B2B lead generation process. The tool comes with some powerful segmentation and personalization features that work brilliantly in optimizing your lead generation.

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With Optinmonster, you can create highly targeted and personalized opt-in messages and exit-intent popups. You show the right message to your users with the help of behavior automation. This helps with increased conversions and ultimately leads to better sales for your B2B business.

It also consists of beneficial features such as A/B testing, traffic redirection, on-site retargeting, and page-level targeting. The tools also come with advanced analytics and insights to help you continually improve your lead conversion rate. You can integrate Optinmonster with your favorite CRM and email marketing tools as well.

10. Hotjar

Struggling to figure out why your website visitors are not converting as expected? If you are looking for answers, then Hotjar is the perfect tool for you. It helps you understand user behavior based on the actions that they take while visiting your website.

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The tool provides you with advanced analytics such as page heatmaps and recordings to help you really understand what might be going wrong. This way, you will understand the exact needs of your target market and thus optimize your lead generation process accordingly.

The tool also helps you gather customer feedback and surveys. This will, again, help you understand customer behavior and ultimately fine-tune your lead generation process.

11. Adplorer

Adplorer’s marketing software is the world’s first all-inclusive digital marketing automation platform built specifically to help you manage local marketing campaigns. This technology enables you to scale marketing campaigns across thousands of SMBs, Franchise Locations, and Enterprises all over the world. Agencies and internal marketing departments use this software to automate the creation and management of campaigns on Google, Bing, and Facebook, as well as manage their Social Media platforms and Reporting all in one platform!

12. ContactOut

If you are prospecting for leads in LinkedIn, ContactOut is a tool that you will certainly want to have by your side. A lightweight Google Chrome extension, it helps you find the contact details of your LinkedIn prospects with ease.

ContactOut adds an overlay to your prospects' LinkedIn profiles that lets you quickly find their email addresses, phone numbers, and even social media profiles. The tool also provides you with access to an easy-to-use dashboard through which you can save and organize your leads.

It should also be noted that the extension also works with Github profiles. If you are looking for the contact details of people who are neither on LinkedIn nor Github, though, the tool also provides you with a comprehensive people search portal that helps you get the job done.

13. Integrately

Integrately is an easy-to-use integration platform that provides its users with millions of ready-to-use ‘1 click’ automations.

You can automate your lead generation, from the initial prospecting stage to the final sale using Integrately, and that too in just a few clicks!

For example, you can automate your lead generation scenarios like :

  • Send a follow-up message to every new lead sign-up on your website.
  • Add new leads into your CRM in real-time, without any manual effort.
  • Update the sales representative for each new lead generated.
  • Schedule a meeting with the new lead, once added in CRM
  • Set up automatic reminders for follow-ups

There are endless possibilities with Integrately when it comes to automating your lead generation process. The best part is that it integrates with 850+ applications including all the popular CRMs, communication tools, and utility software to provide a complete end-to-end solution.

Besides, it has a ‘zero’ learning curve, and the UX is extremely user-friendly to make it easier for tech-savvy and non-techies to integrate & automate not only their lead generation process but even other business workflows.


Getting quality leads is the biggest struggle that most B2B businesses are facing today, be it a small business or bigger brands. Investing early on in good digital marketing tools can make a world of difference to your B2B lead generation process.

Hence, start today by experimenting with different digital marketing tools and watch your B2B sales skyrocket.

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