99designs Competitors: A Helpful Review For You To Choose Well

Published by Maria De La Peña on December 15, 2020
99designs Competitors: A Helpful Review For You To Choose Well
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A considerable part of a business' success is the effectiveness of conveying its products and services through graphic design materials. Business owners may hire a graphic design team to handle its visual design needs. However, the team usually has limitations in using new software. There are a couple of graphic design teams online, and Delesign is one of them. In this article, we are going to enumerate the top 5 design platforms that are worthy of being called 99designs competitors.

WordPress and Photoshop are still relevant, but there are always newly-released templates and concepts that bring fresh ideas, color palettes, and layouts. Suppose you are a business owner and feel the need to do an identity makeover on your packaging or advertising designs. Then, it is high time to consider hiring a web design service.

Free graphics design resources also abound the Internet. Platforms such as Canva, Pixl, or Hipster Logo generator come in handy with easy templates to use; however, if you want personalized branding and creativity in your work, a design team can guarantee the professionalism and creativity that you need.

In this niche, 99designs has led the pack. But, there are also 99designs competitors that you can consider, especially when the price is a major concern. A comparison of these platforms can give you an overview which can give you the best service that you need.

99designs Competitors Option 1: DesignBro

99designs Competitors: A Helpful Review For You To Choose Well
99designs Competitors: DesignBro. Source: DesignBro

DesignBro is quite new in the graphic design industry. Established in 2016, it aims to fill the market gap with its quality and affordable design service. On the other hand, 99designs has been in the industry since 2008. For eleven years in the industry, it has brought to life millions of big design ideas to satisfy its clients.

In terms of services offered, 99designs provides a wider range of graphic design services. In general, customers can choose from Logo and Identity services, Web and app design, Business and advertising, Clothing and Merchandise, Art and Illustration, Packaging and Label, as well as Book and magazine services.

In contrast, clients can only choose three categories of services from DesignBro: logo design, brand identity design, and packaging designs. They all come with multiple variations. Are these services too limited? DesignBro has hinted to open more categories this year.

This 99designs competitor focuses on quality rather than quantity. DesignBro relatively accepts a lower number of bulk orders while allowing customers to choose from 3-10 logos. Each design has its corresponding pricing and a designer behind it. As the project enables only a few designers, the competition is low, motivating each artist to produce better outputs. The chosen designer also receives a higher payment.

On the other hand, 99designs gives more design options. Depending on the logo design, the minimum number of design options is 30. Its most expensive design option, the Gold package, offers 90 plans. If you want the highest quality, choose 99designs’ Platinum package. Though it costs more and only 60 design logos for each package, it guarantees to deliver the highest quality with its top-level designers.

99designs Competitors Option 2: DesignCrowd

99designs Competitors: A Helpful Review For You To Choose Well
99designs Competitors: DesignCrowd Source: DesignCrowd

DesignCrowdhas a lot in common with 99designs. Both are similar in how they run their business. They use crowdsourcing design platforms to hold bids or contests for designers at more flexible time frames. In the end, whoever the client chose will be the designer leading that project.

DesignCrowd has a longer 15-day contest time that comes at no extra cost with at least 2,510 available designs. Meanwhile, 99designs follows the standard 7-day contest time for designers.

In terms of design brief and rules, DesignCrowd sets clear expectations with its customers. The latter can also suggest regulations and expectations to the company in return.

To meet expectations, this 99designs competitor also provides excellent customer support. You may reach out to them to extend contest lengths so you can have more time to pick the best designer. It also offers a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

In terms of website design, 99designs has a more modern, upbeat interface while DesignCrowd boasts a more intuitive design. DesignCrowd receives good reviews for its lower entry price, but customers may feel blinded with introductory prices.

99designs Competitors Option #3: Fiverr

99designs Competitors: A Helpful Review For You To Choose Well
99designs Competitors: Fiverr Source: Fiverr

Among the list of 99designs competitors, Fiverr is the most popular in terms of affordability. In general, Fiverr has the lowest asking rates. More affordable projects are possible as the freelancing platform removes unnecessary middleman charges. Clients work directly with their chosen designer, who offers the lowest possible costs for a gig.

Clients, however, have to pay attention to the pricing of a gig. Gigs with the lowest prices only consist of bare-bone services. Additional services may come in later with additional costs. In 99designs, for example, customers who would like a copyright or vector files for designs have to pay additional charges. These essentials come with different pricing making the final output more expensive than the initially-agreed price.

Extra features such as additional revisions, conversion into png file formats for a png format, transparent backgrounds for a website also require extra costs.

There is more than what Fiverr can offer than what meets the eyes and shared expectations. A jack of all trades Fiverr provides Digital Marketing services, Writing and Translation, Video and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and Tech, Business, and Lifestyle services. However, this variety can be a drawback in terms of professionalism among graphic designers in Fiverr.

Among the 99designs competitors, Fiverr is the least reliable as designers can freely leave the gig. You might end up seeing your project ‘inactive’. Inexperienced sellers but with an impressive, exaggerated portfolio might just also lead you up the garden path and cause you many inconveniences. Most importantly, you should pay attention to the hidden costs of a project. It’s a common complaint with this platform

99designs Competitors Option #4: Toptal

99designs Competitors: A Helpful Review For You To Choose Well
99designs Competitors: Toptal. Source. Toptal

In the roster of 99designs competitors, Toptal earned its reputation for its strict vetting process. Unlike Fiverr, Toptal keeps close attention to any freelancer who can join the platform. Before being accepted, each candidate must pass the platform's language ability test, personal traits test, and design skills. There is also a life screening and other tests gauging a designer's skills and dedication to stay through the entire project. With this stringent process, Toptal guarantees only to employ design professionals with a higher caliber.

In a survey, Toptal outwins 99designs in terms of SmartScore. Consistency in the output is something that customers failed to find in 99designs as each design contest and bid may not bring quality designs all the time. Both have very favorable User Satisfaction results. Meanwhile, Toptal's pricing starts at $60, while 99designs begins at $299. Both follow a one-time payment method.

99designs Competitors Option #5: CrowdSpring

99designs Competitors: A Helpful Review For You To Choose Well
99designs Competitors: CrowdSpring. Source: CrowdSpring

If you want a user-friendly and straightforward web design service platform, consider CrowdSpring. Among the list of 99designs competitors, CrowdSpring has a simple interface that allows clients to review or rate submissions after each design gig. Customers can browse through potential designer bids and proposals. Some reviewers, however, complained that not all project outputs are of high quality. CrowdSpring, on the other hand, may limit the number of collaborators in managing a project.

Pricing-wise, both websites may charge higher than other 99designs competitors. In a survey, more clients voted for CrowdSpring as being the company with a higher trust rating than 99designs.

99designs Competitors Option #5: Delesign

99designs Competitors: A Helpful Review For You To Choose Well
99designs Competitor: Delesign

Delesign is probably the best design platform next to 99designs. Here are a few comparisons of both websites for more information.

Both 99designs and Delesign cater to various types of projects from simple to complex challenges. The company, 99designs, has outwon Delesign in terms of its number of years in the industry. Delesign has only been in the industry since 2017 but has already garnered impressive reviews with its functional and high-quality designs.

Choosing projects is relatively more accessible and more straightforward in Delesign. It offers two types of packages: the Graphic Designer package that costs $349 a month; and the Senior Designer package that costs $499 a month. Both packages allow customers to talk to a designer directly. Each plan also comes with its corresponding advantages: unlimited design requests, client support, number of projects allowed, and designers' availability.

Common client requests for Delesign include Branding services, Illustrations, Motion Graphics, Animation, Explainer videos, Web design work, App mockups, among others. Clients for 99designs, on the other hand, choose from multiple types of services.

In 99designs, clients first have to submit their dream design. After some consideration, 99designs will let a client connect to a designer with whom they can collaborate. Choosing a designer may not come in handy as 99designs have a pool of designers who will contest the clients' design demands. Clients have the option to select from 99designs project packages.

We hope this list of 99designs competitors has been helpful to you in choosing the best platform. Pricing, efficiency and creativity of designers, user-friendliness of the website--these are a few aspects that you should think about. Delesign has all these characteristics. In Delesign, the waiting time for the best designer who will work on your project is also shorter. Members of its team are flexible and considerate of your needs and feedback. A lot of clients have shared good reviews and came back for more projects. So for your next creative project, why not try submitting your vision to Delesign. They will surely make it come true! Here’s a link to sign up.

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