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10 Design Examples from the Best Consulting Websites

Whether you are an IT or marketing consultant, there is no denying that having one of the best consulting websites can give you a competitive edge.

Whether you are an IT or marketing consultant, there is no denying that having one of the best consulting websites can give you a competitive edge.

It also allows you to be a thought leader in your field. This can lead to generating leads and turning them into loyal, paying clients.

Hence, you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not have a consulting website. That's because having a website enables you to reap the following benefits:

  1. Stand Out in Search. A website ensures that you will appear on search engine results for relevant target keywords.
  2. Acquire Potential Clients. Having a website is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd, giving you the chance to capture your potential clients' attention.
  3. Stay Relevant. Nowadays, people rely on online searches before pushing through with any business transactions. That said, a well-designed website is imperative to compel potential clients to choose you.
  4. Promote Your Consulting Services. Having a website is a cost-effective way to promote your services.

Now that you know how having a website can boost your career as a consultant, you might be pumped up to create one right away.

But what if you are not adept with web design and development? Don't worry because we are listing down the ten best consulting websites for inspiring examples:

Millemann Consulting

Millemann Consulting is founded by husband and wife, Pierre and Stephanie Millemann. It is a consulting agency for oenologists or people who specialize in vine growing, grape harvesting, and wine manufacturing.

What we like about Millemann Consulting's website, and the reason they’re part of our best consulting websites list, is its minimalist design. So much so that the website only has three menu buttons: Home, About, and Contact.

Meanwhile, their homepage has three sections:

  1. Passion (Mission)
  2. Expertise (Years of field experience)
  3. Quintessence (Social responsibility)

Their website copy and the combination of black and wine red color schemes add sophistication, making it suitable for those in the wine manufacturing field.

Design Studio

Design Studio is a brand consulting agency that specializes in customer experience. Some of their well-known clients are Logitech, Airbnb, and Oberlo.

Design Studio's website is colorful yet clean. This showcases the company's youthful vibe and their knowledge of branding and user experience.

Moreover, their website is straightforward. That's because their client portfolio is just a scroll down away. They also use multimedia content (i.e., images and videos) to show the things they do to understand their clients and provide desirable results.

James Robbins

James Robbins is an author and motivational speaker. He is also a management consultant, helping business leaders reach their full potential.

Other than the promotional pop-ups, James Robbins' website does not use too many fluffs. His hero banner is straight to the point, telling site visitors what he can do for them. No wonder it is included in our list of best consulting websites.

Even his navigation menu is straightforward, using only simple words like "Free Training" and "Speaking" to describe his services.

MORE Sales Advisors

Founded by high technology expert Patricia Watkins, MORE Sales Advisors provides sales and marketing consulting services to tech-driven companies. They audit a company's management team and their process and make recommendations on optimizing it best.

Their website's design looks dated. Nonetheless, it is simple and easy to navigate. You can have all the information you will need straight from the homepage, coupled with a call-to-action button that encourages you to learn more.

But what we like most about their website is the consistency of the color scheme and the large, legible fonts.


AshWealth is founded by real estate investor and consultant Whitney Elkins-Hutten. If you want to build a real estate business, AshWealth provides webinars, e-books, and courses to teach you how to get started.

The AshWealth website boasts a clean design. They are also smart at using the color green throughout their website, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. This explains why it is part of our best consulting websites list.

Moreover, the homepage is filled with social proof, which positions Whitney and her business as industry thought leaders. This includes a rotating "As Featured On" section, an embedded video of her podcast interview, and client testimonials.

Madison Solutions LLC

Founded by James Madison, Madison Solutions LLC is a communication firm specializing in new media and experience-driven marketing. That said, they provide digital marketing, website development, and media relations services.

Aside from the clean and sleek web design, the site uses a consistent white and royal blue color scheme. And according to color psychology, the color blue symbolizes serenity, stability, and reliability.

Simply put, their color scheme gives the feeling that they are trustworthy and can help you bring desirable results.

They also show that trustworthiness and dependability through their web copy and information architecture. If you scroll down through their homepage, you will see a brief company description and the services they offer.

It is also evident that they have extensive Inbound Marketing knowledge with the way they include client testimonials and a contact form.

H&H Works

H&H Works is a design and branding consulting agency. They also provide Design Sprint Training to their clients, allowing them to get ahead of the race and generate long-term business results.

Looking at the website, it is evident that the business is run by young, innovative, and creative people. It is obvious in their color scheme and video background. They also use powerful headlines matched with straightforward calls-to-action. Hence, we have decided to include them in our list of best consulting websites.

Nonetheless, you know that they are in it to win it based on the fonts they use, social proof, and the section dedicated to Design Sprint.


Navigate is a management consultant firm for businesses in the Life Sciences industry. They help companies to transform their operating model and customer experience to overcome their challenges.

But despite working with large and complex companies, Navigate has a clean design. They also use lively color schemes in white, navy blue, and orange.

Moreover, Navigate uses white space smartly to emphasize their web copy and calls-to-action. They even have simple navigation that includes the following:

  • Services
  • Client Stories
  • About Us
  • Blog
  • Contact Us

Regardless, they showcase their creativity through scrolling animations and pastel-colored images.

The Process Consultant

Ian James is the founder of The Process Consultant, a business process consulting agency. They help small and medium enterprises bring order and optimize their business processes. This is made possible by combining Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

Similar to MORE Sales Advisors, The Process Consultant has a dated web design. Nonetheless, they use the homepage to showcase their process. This gives you the impression that they know what they are doing and how they can help your business.

In addition, they list down the services they offer with a brief description and CTA button. That way, site visitors are free to figure out what services would work best for them and start from there.

Dana James Mwangi

Dana James Mwangi is an entrepreneur, speaker, and owner of Cheers Creative. While Cheers Creative is a winning branding and website agency, Dana is a business consultant for creatives and designers.

And try to her skills and expertise, Dana uses bold colors and font for her consulting website. But what we like best about it is the simplicity.

It only has the About and Contact sections and a link to her Grow with Google digital coaching page.

As you scroll through the website, you would know that the website is designed to generate leads. That's because the homepage has a lead capture form that you can fill out in exchange for the creative business guide.

This is followed by a section filled with social proof and a larger contact form for clients ready to work with Dana.

Be One of These Best Consulting Websites

It does not matter what business field you are in as long as you can attract qualified leads and turn them into paying clients. And what better way to do that than to have a well-design consulting website?

Hopefully, the examples of the best consulting websites listed above can inspire you to have a well-designed site. Better yet, you can use any of these sites as a visual peg and connect with one of our website designers at Delesign.

Our simple, four-step process can help make your web design dream come to fruition. From your website to app user interface and business card, we got you covered.

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