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Best Trello Plugins for an Improved Trello Experience

Best Trello plugins, when activated, help users in efficiently performing several tasks on the Trello boards.

As a project management tool trusted by millions of users, Trello provides a collaborative environment by making the users’ experience fun and flexible. You can turn your Trello boards into living applications with the use of the best Trello plugins. These plugins are the Power-ups that integrate with Trello.

Best Trello plugins
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Best Trello plugins

You can choose from the Power-Up directory based on the function that you need for your current tasks. These can vary according to the following purposes:

1. Analytics and Reporting

To improve workflows for their projects, users of Trello create reports with the support of Power-Ups. Some of the commonly used apps for analytics and reporting are the following:

Projects by Placker

Placker allows you to use Gantt charts, bar charts, and trend charts for your reports, making it likely for you to efficiently evaluate the progress of your projects and identify bottlenecks to plan for solutions in your future projects.

Planyway: Calendar, Timeline, Time Tracker

This plugin allows you to have an overview of your team’s progress with the use of the time tracker, making it possible for you to plan on how you can develop on the future projects that you will be working on in the future.

2. Automation

Performing repetitive tasks with tiresome clicks can wear you down while doing your projects. The objective of automation is to make things easy for you. It is available by integrating the following apps with Trello:


Butler is a built-in automation for Trello boards used to minimize the number of clicks needed to do different tasks. It can perform steps on Trello boards by the use of buttons, rules, and commands. You can use Butler for your tasks by simply clicking on the Butler icon at the top of the board.


When activated, this app helps complete tedious tasks and can instantaneously connect Trello with 80+ applications. Automate.io syncs data from these apps and integrates them on your Trello boards. Its capabilities can range from sending messages on Slack for new Trello cards, creating new cards for each event in Google Calendar, to the creation of issues in JIRA for new task cards in Trello. Automate.io can perform these tasks for you without leaving your Trello board.

3. Board Utilities


This power-up allows users to view task cards with due dates, either in a weekly or monthly view. To automatically update due dates, sync the task cards to the calendar by dragging the cards onto them. Completed tasks can easily be viewed by tagging the due dates complete.

Card Repeater

You can automatically create Trello cards for repeated tasks by setting a schedule on cards. Scheduled cards will be automatically copied to a specified list, making it easy for you to establish a workflow for your tasks.

4. Communication & Collaboration


To prevent ideas and important tasks from getting unnoticed, you can use this app by activating it as a power-up. It will provide you with a means for effective communication with other members wherein sharing of information or receiving feedback are simpler. Sending Trello cards to Slack channels or direct messages is one way to do it. You can set up alerts to notify Slack channels regarding activities in Trello boards.


This plugin makes it easy for you to prioritize your task cards, by gathering votes from other members. The Voting tool can be valuable in deciding topics with members of your team, whether on planning team-building activities or collecting input. You can view details on what option got the most votes and which members voted for each of the options.

5. Developer Tools

Card Relationships- Hello Epics

Hello Epics allows you to keep track and organize your projects by making a linked set of cards.

The ways on how you can use this plugin are through the following:

  • You can keep track of all related items, even if the cards are placed on different boards. Taking advantage of this feature, you can share your outputs by creating separate boards for internal and client use.
  • Oversee feature requests by making cards for each request and sorting them by feature type.


Dark launch your new product features right from the Trello cards using this plugin with the following capabilities:

  • Search, attach and view feature flags on the front and back of task cards
  • Enable targeting status from the back of the task cards

By using LaunchDarkly, you can deploy codes even if features are still not set to be released to the users. This attribute of the app allows you to safely test new features without having to worry about affecting the end-users. When you change the flag status, all updates on your features will be displayed on your cards instantly.

6. File Management


Relevant files and folders attach to task cards on Trello when you activate this plugin by navigating OneDrive without leaving your Trello board. Another way to attach your files is by pasting links directly onto your task cards. Previews and updates on details can be viewed with this feature, with links allowing you to work on your files straight on OneDrive.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the most commonly used app for file management in Trello.

You can attach files to your Trello cards and view real-time information by activating Google drive as a power-up. This plugin also allows you to make a Google Slides presentation from your Trello boards with just one click.

7. HR & operation

Package Tracker

Package Tracker powered by Shippo enables you to attach a package’s tracking number on Trello card backs. You can view details such as shipping status and estimated delivery dates on the front of the task cards. This plugin applies for packages shipped using carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and other international services like Canada Post, Deutsche Post, GLS Germany, GLS France, Mondial Relay, Newgistics, and Ontrac.

8. IT & Project Management

Custom fields

You can view more specific information directly on your Trello cards with the use of this power-up.

These include the following:

  • Custom text fields where you can add names and email addresses
  • Numbers where you can add any numbers related to your tasks
  • Checkbox to display special considerations regarding your tasks
  • Dates for relevant dates on your task cards
  • Dropdown lists for multiple options

All of these details included in the cards will be displayed on the front of the cards.

9. Marketing & Social Media


Use this plugin when you need to collect information from other people. This information can either be feedback for your products or input from your team. You can directly attach surveys to your Trello cards and view the results without leaving your Trello board.


You can search Evernote directly from Trello and create or input notes. This plugin allows you to view real-time details for any attached notes.

10. Product & Design


The online collaborative tool Miro allows you to effectively work together on a team with the use of digital sticky notes as a means of collecting ideas. When added to Trello boards, Miro can provide better displays on your cards with attached information.


This tool is a free tool that allows you to produce diagrams that include flowcharts, network, URL, and ER diagrams.

11. Sales & Support


You can report bugs by activating Zendesk on your Trello board and attaching tickets related to issues to cards. It will notify the engineers assigned to fixing these issues, allowing them to plan on what issues they can prioritize to fix first. Zendesk sends notifications regarding fixed bugs to those who submitted tickets.

These power-ups are the best Trello plugins that you can utilize for your boards to allow a convenient and easy-to-use tool.

Steps to Enable Power-ups

Step 1. Click on the Power-Ups option on the board menu. It will prompt you to the Power-Ups directory where there is a list of applications.

Step 2. Click on the Enable button on the apps to activate the Power-up. You can view the list of all enabled Power-ups by choosing the Enabled option located at the top left corner.

To disable the currently-activated Power-ups, click on the gear icon and choose the Disable option.

To maintain providing a user-friendly virtual environment for you, Trello focused on improving on relevant features. It resulted in limitations in using this project management tool. However, to fill in gaps in Trello’s capabilities, you can now add the Power-Ups fit for the task that you are currently working on.

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