Collaboration Tools for Designers: You’ll Wish You Discovered Them Earlier

Agnieszka Kasperek May 5, 2020

You need a graphic designer? It would seem like an easy task to just find someone who knows their profession and request what you need from them.

But it turns out that there’s so much more to that. Especially when your designer is going to be a person working remotely, you'll need extra support to keep things going smoothly.

Luckily for you, today we’re coming to you with a list of ten awesome collaboration tools for designers that will set everything to an easy mode. This list is composed by Agnieszka, CMO at Taskeo - project and practice management platform built by a fully remote team from two continents.

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You have seen this coming, haven’t you. :)

In case you didn’t know, Delesign is an online platform that helps you connect with the best designers out there.

It’s nothing less than designer hunt made easy. The platform allows you to get your designs done whenever you need them, without full-time contracts. Send requests, connect and collaborate with your assigned designer via the client portal, Slack integration or email.


Taskeo Collaboration Tools For Designers: Taskeo

Taskeo will work perfectly fine as a tool of collaboration between the designer and their client but it’s also perfect for groups of designers. If you’re running a graphic design team and you need a better and more advanced tool to manage all that workload - search no more.

Taskeo’s free plan comes with 1gb storage for you to enjoy. The platform equips you with file search and task commenting to make it easier to collaborate with your people. For all your forgetful designers, you can set up reminders and recurring tasks. And if you want to know how long it takes to complete a design, turn on Taskeo’s inbuilt time tracking to get full insight.


Miro Collaboration Tools For Designers: Miro

Remember one of those staple whiteboards featured in office pictures around magazines and movies? Here’s the good news: you can have one as well, for you and your designers, even if you work remotely.

If you’re drawn to drawing (see what we did there?), check out Miro, an online collaboration whiteboard for remote teams.

Not only does Miro allow you to recreate all your workflows in a visual way, but it also streamlines communication and idea brainstorming. Not to mention, it’s really easy to screen share your boards and work on them while you all chat over a call.


MyAirBridge Collaboration Tools For Designers: MyAirBridge

MyAirbridge is an advanced file storage and transfer solution for all those who want to go beyond the basics.

This platform comes with everything you might ever need if basic solutions are not enough. Check out MyAirBridge’s file expiration, multiple file transfer, forwarding, view-only mode or context menus.

And the best part? MyAirBridge comes with reasonable pricing and most of you will be perfectly happy with the free plan and what it has to offer.


LastPass Collaboration Tools For Designers: LastPass

What if you’ve got several designers and want to share your tools with them… without giving them all the sensitive data?

You can do it with LastPass.

LastPass is an online password manager tool with advanced security that safely stores all your passwords. One benefit to it is that you can save all your passwords and never bother with them again.

But the reason why we’re showing you this tool is that LastPass allows you to share these passwords - and consequently, access to your online software - with other people. And so long you don’t give them the access, they won’t see the password to what you sharing - LastPass will automatically log them in without disclosing your data. Collaboration Tools For Designers:

Don’t like Slack? Not a problem. is a good Slack alternative that allows you to basically replace email communication on your team.

With different levels of transparency and permissions, you can set up and optimize channels for your team and guests. Access to the source code, plugins, integrations and themes are just a few of all the options that help you customize this tool to serve your needs in best way possible.

Opposite to many chat tools out there, allows you to choose between being cloud-hosted and keeping the channel on your own server.


Loom Collaboration Tools For Designers: Loom

Here’s something for you if you genuinely hate emails or written communication in general

Loom allows you to record your screen or pictures from your camera (or both!) and send them over in the form of a link. This way, you can communicate much more, much faster - all the while showing all the samples and examples that you want to share with your designer.

The free plan allows you to store up to 130 free videos, making it easy to share your screen practically for free.


Filestage Collaboration Tools For Designers: Filestage

Something you and your designers will love is the opportunity to work on your files right where they are - with all the comments and edits and feedback, all in front of you.

And Filestage allows just that.

Filestage is the tool that you can use to chat about the design right next to them while marking and annotating your images to make your communication extra clear. The platform works with videos, PDF documents, images and audio files.


QuickReviewer Collaboration Tools For Designers: QuickReviewer

If you’re after a feedback tool but Filestage isn’t exactly what you need, here comes another one.

QuickReviewer is a different kind of a tool that allows you to work on your images, videos, PDFs and HTML. The free plan comes with 100mb for all the files you want to review and revise.

This tool is cheaper than Filestage while offering very similar solutions, leaving it up to you which one you’ll work more effectively with.

Free Conference

QuickReviewer Collaboration Tools For Designers: Free Conference

It’s in the name - Free Conference helps you host free meetings online. And when it comes to working remotely with designers, regular chats are key to success.

This platform comes with several additional features that will make it easier to meet up, especially if you work with several designers. Free Conference comes with video calls, screen sharing, meeting rooms, meeting summaries and SMS notifications.

Which one will it be?

Tell us your problem and we’ll find a solution to it. With all these apps available online these days, it’s practically effortless to find something you and your designers will love.

And as a final word of advice - don’t be afraid of testing. The majority of tools come with free trials that allow you to click around and test all the functions. Make the most of this opportunity and don’t hesitate to move on whenever you decide that no, this one isn’t for you.

Good luck!

Written by Agnieszka Kasperek

Agnieszka is a B2B content writer and a CMO at She believes in remote work, enjoys a good case study and hunts for new apps on a daily basis.

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