October 06, 2021 Published by Raffy Montehermoso

Get Creative With These 8 Social Media Graphic Design Ideas

Refer to these social media graphic design ideas from different brands. You'll have more engaging social media creatives with these design concepts.

Are you running out of social media graphic design ideas? We know - it's challenging to come up with a captivating graphic design.

Your social media graphic design ideas have to be appealing to your audience to capture them effectively. In the U.S. alone, over 72% of adults have used at least one social media platform. And it's tough to stand out among the social media noise.

When you look at your feed, tons of attractive graphic designs are on social media from various brands. As a result, their social media posts are highly engaging. Did you know that social media posts with accompanying visuals get up to 650% more engagement?

You can also achieve the same results on your business page. Get those creative juices flowing with a social media graphic design that people will love to view and share.

Here are just a few examples of the different ways you can design a social media post. The graphic design from some of these brands is an excellent basis for your creatives.

1. ASICS Living Run

The footwear company ASICS opted for a clever presentation of their marketing message: running while at home. There is only a silhouette of the shoes and a house layout inside. The design depicts that anyone can still exercise even while inside their homes.

You can also implement the same concept on your social media page. The key here is integrating your product and the message you want to impart to your audience. Instead of having separate images, create an original graphic design that will impress people on social media.

2. Coca-Cola Tokyo Olympics

Coca-Cola has an example of simple yet effective social media graphic design execution. The company stayed relevant to current events through social media posting. While several brands are already posting about the Tokyo Olympics event, Coca-Cola did something different. Just by using a single bottle cap, they were able to form Japan's flag.

A brand has to stay relevant to current events. While doing so, you also need to maintain or include your branding. A lot of companies will go for visuals made solely for an event. If you want to do the same, complement the design with your branding elements. This way, you're also bringing attention to your business.

3. Chocolate Factory

Edible food products like chocolate don't have to follow the usual social media graphic design ideas. The Egypt-based brand Chocolate Factory came up with an imaginative way of marketing its product. With similarities to the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the namesake company presented its chocolate into product photography resembling physical, non-edible materials on the road.

Combine graphics with a crafty photo of your products to achieve a design that runs wild in the audience's imagination. Your social media followers will be curious and enjoy looking at the unique graphic design idea you post.

4. IKEA Green Guides

If your business uses Facebook heavily, you can take the same concept as IKEA on telling a story. IKEA didn't go for random images on its Facebook carousel post. Instead, each image is a part of its brand storytelling. The company, known for DIY furniture assembly, marketed sustainable products by having each carousel image tell a story.

Facebook carousel is an effective marketing tool for your business if you know how to use it. If you have a social campaign that needs more than one image or continuous parts, this is one way to have a meaningful posting that your audience will like to view. You could even implement the same idea for other platforms like Instagram or Pinterest using multiple images on a single post.

5. Måter Agency

Emotions are an integral part of several social media graphic design ideas. The advertising firm Måter Agency indicates what people feel after seeing an ad that they created. In the close-up picture, the agency showed how they're able to evoke intense emotions. They then added minimal words to explain the concept without overpowering the focus of the image.

The masterful use of imagery against minimal graphics or typography is one way to express a focal message on social media. It's a powerful approach to emphasize or stress a point, bringing social media audiences to your business.

6. Tipco Chinese New Year

Dull greetings for a particular holiday won't gain as much attention on social media, especially for a younger audience. Why not take it up a notch, just like how Tipco greeted Chinese New Year? The combination of cultural celebration and animated design allows Tipco to connect to a younger target market.

Tipco managed to pull off a vibrant social media graphic design to celebrate Chinese New Year. If you also want to greet your audience, craft lively and energetic graphics that catch people's attention. You could even add relevant information about the holiday or occasion that you're trying to present. Netizens will have an impression that you're a valuable brand based on this social media graphic design idea.

7. Vivo Notifications

To market to gamers on social media, the smartphone brand Vivo decided on a direct approach. When you're playing on your phone, you prefer not to have any interruptions. Vivo says game on. They have a social media graphic design that puts the action battling out the unwanted phone notifications.

While videos and motion graphics are more interactive mediums, graphic designs can also pop out of the digital screens. Vivo exemplified this with a social campaign that depicts countering distractions from mobile gaming. Have the same kind of explosive graphics if you want to emphasize excitement on your social media posts.

8. Trofolastin

Marketing skin care products are all about displaying skin photos to indicate results. Trofolastin went for a combination of aesthetic and informative graphic design. The focal point of the social media post is how their product can cover scars. A few words, product packaging photo, and branding logo complete the graphic design to relay the company.

Depending on how you layout your social media graphics, you can put a central focus on the benefits of your product with your post. This method helps your audience be aware of what your business can do for them.

How Do You Design a Post on Social Media?

Now that you have social media graphic design ideas, it's time to roll up your sleeves for that perfect post. There are a few things you need to consider before designing your social media graphics, here are some of them:

a. Identify an audience

b. Follow design best practices

c. Be consistent

d. Use a template

e. Hire a service

Each of these actions is essential for your social media graphic design ideas. You will need to identify your target market and know if they'll be receptive to the design you want to create. Next is following the proper color, contrast, and layout of the visual elements.

Additionally, you also need to consider if the design is consistent with your branding. And for ongoing social media posts, you can choose to have a template instead. A templated format is more efficient in producing social media graphics. All of these activities are crucial to crafting the perfect social media graphics.

Another option to create social media graphics is by hiring an agency or design service instead. Several providers can help you come up with social media graphic design ideas. One of them is Delesign - a subscription service that allows you to have access to graphic design talent at a fraction of the cost.

Delesign will have a dedicated graphic designer on board your design projects. Its selection of creative designers will turn your social media graphic design ideas into reality. Having worked with several organizations already, the graphic design talent from Delesign will be integral in your social media marketing. The on-demand design firm will help increase engagement on your social media by producing highly effective visual materials.