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Facebook Viral Marketing

Facebook Viral Marketing. There are at least 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook so no matter what country you are in, or what age group you are targeting, your potential market or...


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Facebook Viral Marketing
Facebook Viral Marketing

Facebook Viral Marketing

Facebook Viral Marketing. There are at least 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook so no matter what country you are in, or what age group you are targeting, your potential market or audience will be on Facebook. This makes Facebook a very powerful marketing tool to grow your business.

The average Facebook user has 200 friends, which allows this channel to have a very viral effect.

Number of active users on different social media channels

Facebook viral marketing is a strategy that aims Facebook users to share your content or your marketing message on Facebook and on other various channels to generate public interest and potential sale of a product or service. Small businesses are often the ones that make use of this strategy because it's all-powerful and is often extremely cost-effective. However, this strategy definitely also works for both small and big companies.

The "Viral Loop" of marketing

Through Facebook viral marketing campaigns, any type of content is created and published on Facebook, shared by users, and then further shared on other social media channels.

Successful Facebook Viral Marketing Tips

1. Target the right audience

The probability of your content being shared and getting viral increases when you match your content with the right audience. You must first assess the content you would like to publish and then identify and target the right audience for it. To understand what content interests your target audience has, use content analytics tools. Do not be afraid with playing and considering sub-markets as they may also help in spreading your content to further reach those people within your desired audience.

2. Offer free trial or resources

Giving your audience something of value for free is a basic Facebook viral marketing tactic. By offering valubale resources, the likelyhood of people visiting your page or sharing these resources to people within your desired audience increases. Offering any valuable product or service for free will help in attracting customers.

3. Create video content

Videos are proven to have greater engagement than photos or the usual plain text posts. Create a video content entertaining enough to get your audience's attention and interesting enough to be shared.

4. Think outside of traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is used to promote a product or service. Traditional marketing is telling people what you want them to hear, and to get their attention, people would expect something good along with a compelling message or story. Think outside the box and push this message out in an interesting, maybe intruiging way to increase the likelyhood of it being "viral".

5. Team up with unlikely partners

Teaming up with people outside of your usual industry can help you create a buzz for both your business and your "unlikely" partner's too. Doing something different or not expected by your typical audience will make them notice your marketing campaign. The goal of Facebook viral marketing is to create a buzz.

6. Consider social outreach

Reach out to influencers. Influential people recommending your product or service, or placing your content in front of a larger audience is an effective viral marketing approach.

7. Appeal to emotions

Use "feelings" to get people involved. Appeal to their emotions. People's emotional responses can be very influential. Unless it has some type of emotional appeal, your attempt at viral marketing won't be as impactful.

Facebook viral marketing when done right can be very effective in growing your audience and increasing conversions. Some businesses have experienced succeeding and some failing in their attempt at viral marketing so before diving into this kind of marketing, you should first establish your end-result and have a clear view of your marketing goals and objectives.

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