Fashion Digital Marketing and Its Application

Published by Maria De La Peña on December 30, 2020

The fashion industry took a heavy blow from the quarantine restrictions caused by the pandemic. Production stopped, malls closed, and the demand for fashion clothing significantly decreased. This effect on the fashion industry made companies come up with a more efficient fashion digital marketing solution in reviving their brands’ sales.

The best way to describe digital marketing is the use of channels such as search engines, websites, social media and others to deliver advertisements. It can improve a brand’s impression on target audiences and generate valuable leads. Moreover, it can increase a brand’s sales and presence in the market when used correctly.

Digital marketing is being used in the fashion industry since it is cost-effective, target-specific, and measurable with the use of analytics. Its benefits and application in the fashion industry will be discussed further in this article.

Benefits of fashion digital marketing

A powerful and cost-effective form of marketing

When used in the right way, fashion digital marketing can reach a brand’s target market and increase sales leads. These goals can be achieved with the use of effective strategies to gain the customer’s attention, thereby making them aware of the brand.

Owing to the fast-paced improvement of social media and other online platforms, advertisements as well as other digital marketing tools can reach up to millions of the target audience. It then improves the brand’s profitability and marketability. Forms of digital marketing such as SEO and content marketing produce staggering results while results of others such as pay-per-click and social media marketing are significantly quicker.

As compared to the expenses of traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing only has a minimal cost. In a media cost comparison by Augustine Fou, traditional marketing in the form of television ads would cost about $28 to reach 1,000 impressions, while digital marketing only costs less than $3 with the use of social media.

Targeted buyers

As compared to using digital marketing, traditional marketing methods such as in the form of television ads or mail do not have targeting capabilities. With digital marketing forms such as SEO, companies can reach potential customers who search the web with any key phrases that are related to the brand. Likewise, other forms of digital marketing like pay-per-click and social media marketing can reach those who are most likely to be interested in the products based on their demographic information.


When fashion digital marketing is used as a mode in improving a brand’s sales, it is easier to track various marketing activities with the use of analytics. Companies can compare results and determine which strategy works and which does not. Due to this, the improvement of tactics can be planned and implemented. Those that resulted in an improved sales lead can be used for future campaigns.

How to effectively use fashion digital marketing

Retarget ads on potential buyers

Most buyers do not immediately buy a product upon seeing it on the website. They’ll most probably be searching for other similar products and tend to forget about the others. The purpose of retargeting is to remind your website’s visitors about the products that they saw earlier, thus increasing their chances of buying it. Discounts can be offered to those who haven’t visited the website for a few days.

When shopping online, most people tend to add products that they are interested in into their shopping cart without buying it. Those people can also be re-targeted with the use of reminder ads.

This ad by Nike reminds customers to check the items added on their shopping carts.

Holiday promos and giveaways

Whether for a discount or a giveaway, most people are attracted to ads that inform them about holiday promotions on fashion items. The hype of checking out websites that offer these holiday promos is what makes other buyers also visit and search for products.

For instance, GLB posts its 12 days of promotions on Instagram, where various sets of items for each day can be purchased for a minimal price. It allows the targeted audience to check on products that they can avail for a limited time.

Likewise, clothing brands such as Forever21 and Uniqlo offer discounts on their products during holidays. These promotions on various social media platforms attract the attention of potential customers, thus making them visit the website and purchase.

Forever21 posted this Black Friday Sale promotion on Instagram.

Style guides

For a buyer to be more interested in buying their items, clothing brands can post style guides on social media platforms and their website. This gives the target audience a visualization of how they can combine various clothing items to achieve a great outfit-of-the-day. These guides may be based either on special occasions or just for a stroll in the park.

Uniqlo, an international brand, uses this marketing strategy to influence their potential buyers to try out different styles. Check out this sample style guide posted on Instagram.

Penshoppe also posts style guides to attract more buyers.

Working with influencers or celebrities

With a large number of followers, influencers on social media can be advertisers of brands. People who follow these influencers are inspired by their fashion styles and the products they use. For instance, a social media post with hashtags mentioning a particular brand can encourage the followers to check out the items on the website, making them potential buyers.

Choosing the right influencer for a brand can add new customers and widen the brand’s audience. This strategy is also efficient when working with influencers who review and recommend products to their viewers.

The beauty queen, Pia Wurtzbach, mentioned Dior on her Instagram post, with a #DiorHoliday tag. This post reached a large number of her followers, making them aware of a new option of how they can make their gifts personalized and delivered.

Engaging with audience

When hashtags are used on Instagram and other social media platform posts, the audience tends to interact and engage with the brand more. This is an effective use of fashion digital marketing.

An example of this is the Play for the World campaign of Nike. This campaign had about 42,000 posts on Instagram and 33,000 retweets on Twitter. Nike used the hashtags #playinside and #playfortheworld that created a buzz among users.

Penshoppe also posted this ad on Instagram, with KPop group Blackpink’s member Lisa. This post informed all viewers to watch a live broadcast to know about Lisa’s style picks.

Even with creative concepts, these strategies won’t be effective without the use of visuals made with graphic designs. With great design comes excellent branding, thus increasing sales and leaving a good impression on target audiences.

Graphic design conveys messages with the use of graphical and text elements. To have professional-looking visuals for their businesses, clients often hire highly-skilled designers either from a local agency or an online designing service such as Delesign.

Delesign offers a wide range of designing services, including animation, mock-ups, editing of photos and videos, website ads, and more. With a subscription rate of $349 to $499 per month, clients can work with graphic designers round the clock.

Unlimited design requests can be submitted by clients, with a description of how they want the product to look. The turnaround time for simple projects takes only less than 24 hours.

Being trusted by many companies, Delesign ensures that its graphic designers are exceptionally-creative, highly-skilled, and communicative. These characteristics allow them to produce professionally-looking designs for the clients.

Effective fashion digital marketing can be achieved by high-end brands as well as small businesses with the use of visually appealing designs.

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