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Graphic Design Advertisement: The Use of Graphics in Adverts

Graphic design and advertisement are two fields that have blurred lines. It is almost impossible to separate the two. Advertising helps you…


Graphic design and advertisement are two fields that have blurred lines. It is almost impossible to separate the two. Advertising helps you to attract prospects by presenting them with messages about services, products, and opinions. One of the measures you use in passing your message is graphic design.

How important is graphic design in advertisement? This is one question that has unlimited answers. Some people even find it difficult to talk about the advertising industry without mentioning graphic design. The reason for this is that advertising thrives on the physical representation that graphic design makes possible.

In this post, we will discuss the role graphic design plays in advertisement. We will go further to give you a few graphic design tips to get the best of your advertising campaigns.

Why is Graphic Design Important to Advertising?

The role of graphic design in advertisement cannot be overemphasized. It gives clearer pictures of what the customers should expect. It whets their appetite and makes them see the brand for what it is.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the contributions of graphic design to advertisement.

Promotes the Brand

When you kick off an advertising campaign, you do this with one thing in mind - to promote your brand and raise awareness. If you achieve your aim, you will drive prospects in the direction of your brand and increase patronage.

People will only patronize you if they can trust you. How do they gain trust in your brand? By what they see. Graphic design places your brand in front of prospects and makes your message pop at them.

The more they see your message, the more they are likely to trust you. All forms of creative messages you release influence what the customer thinks about your brand. With good graphic design, you can communicate your values with clarity and promote your brand easily.

Raises Visibility

Spending so much on an advertising campaign isn’t worth it with poor or no graphic design. With a good graphic design advertisement, your brand stands out. Isn’t this the aim of an advertising campaign in the first place?

Graphic design ensures that your campaign catches the eye of your target audience. It resonates with your advertisement goals and makes sure that your customers understand them clearly. In a nutshell, with graphic design, you can reach out to prospects in a memorable way. This makes your brand more visible so that you can stand out from the competition.

Drives Conversions

Conversion is the ultimate aim of an advertising campaign. Many people believe that the source of conversions is great copywriting with an attractive call to action. Not trying to downplay this but graphic design also plays a huge role as well.

Do you know how much good graphic design compels a prospect to take the next step towards patronage? We are in an age where attention levels are at an all-time low. People find it difficult to concentrate through a whole copy.

The way to keep them affixed to a copy to the end is by adding graphics. With colors, layouts, photographs, and infographics, you can hold their attention for longer. Good design is a fuel that drives the vehicle of a good copy to towards conversions.

Reinforces Messaging

So you have put together an interesting message to convey to your clients. That’s great. But there’s a little problem. How do you drive your message home if they can’t read it to the end?

There’s one answer, graphic design. Good graphics to support your message will help you convey your message better. It is the connection that your reader makes with your copy. Graphic design in this sense goes beyond driving conversions, it facilitates understanding of messages.

Ingredients of Good Graphic Design for Advertisement

Brilliant advertisement is great but you cannot achieve it without a good graphic design. Because of this, there is so much a designer should into every design for advertisement. We will share some of these ingredients in this section.


You must have heard the phrase “less is more.” Well, it has never been more appropriate than in graphic design. Don’t try to over impress with your designs.

Simplicity is very important because, in the end, it is all about the brand, not your design skills. This means that everything from the font to the images should portray the brand. When you try to be excessively complex, you distract the target audience from the message you want to pass.

Add Humanity

Have you noticed that some graphic designs look like they were created by machines? They some so perfect, more like they were mass-produced.

While perfection is great, somehow the target audience finds it difficult to relate to the design. One way to get your audience to relate to your graphic design is to add a touch of humanity.

Avoid Excessive Coloring and Capital Letters

You are trying to make your message obvious so you make use of lots of colors and capital letters. Huge mistake. Your readers don’t want you to shout at them, they prefer to have a peaceful conversation.

Capital letters and excessive coloring gives the direct opposite feeling. If you want to have their attention more, tone it down with the colors and make use of a friendly font.

Always Make Use of Relevant Pictures

The whole idea behind graphic design advertisement is to promote your brand. It means that all the pictures you are using in your design must portray your brand. Don’t take pictures from the competition or random pictures over the internet.

It is best to make use of pictures of your products or services. This creates an avenue for trust. In using original pictures, you should get a good photographer. Make sure the photographer takes quality high-resolution pictures. Use these pictures for your ads instead.

Use the Right Colors

Those who experience in psychology will tell you that each color has an emotion attached to it. It means that you should understand each color and the emotion it carries. This way, you can use colors to your advantage when designing.

Ask yourself the question, what emotion do I need from my audience? Now find the colors that will attract this emotion and use them. For example, warm colors attract warm responses. So if you are driving an entertainment campaign, you should work more with warm colors.

Use Easy-to-Read Font

Let’s face it, your audience won't have all day to read through your ads. On average, they will give you 10 seconds to catch their attention. If your ad doesn’t hook them before the time is up, you may never get another chance.

This means that you need to pass your message as clearly as possible. Make use of easy-to-read fonts. With this, you are sure that your target audience will catch the message quickly. Don’t forget, less is always more.

Wrap Up

Graphic design advertisement can make or mar your advertising campaign. The quality of designs you bring to the table is important. We have established one fact in this post and that is the place of graphic design in advertisement.

Without graphic design, your advertising campaign will not go far. For you to get the best results, why not make use of Delesign’s services. What are your thoughts on this?

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