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Graphic Design and Marketing: Top Business Design Needs

Graphic design and marketing are like Siamese twins. It is almost impossible to separate one from the other. Le ...

Graphic design and marketing are like Siamese twins. It is almost impossible to separate one from the other. Let’s say that you have a great marketing plan but it looks dull, what good do you get from this?

Now imagine that your top-notch marketing plan has the support of quality graphic designs. The success of that campaign will know no limits. There is so much that graphic design brings to the marketing table even though sometimes, it may be expensive.

In this post, we will discuss some things that you need to design right before your next campaign. Get this right and you’ll not only save money, but your campaign will also be more successful.

What You Should Design Right for Your Next Campaign

The place of graphic design in marketing cannot be overemphasized. Graphic design is the life wire of any marketing campaign. Here are some things that you must focus on to get the best from your next campaign.

Distinct Versions of Your Business Logo

Having a single version of a business logo isn’t appropriate. Why? Because it restricts you. A single logo will not fit into the wide array of platforms that we have these days.

While the logo may look great on your company website, it may look out of place on the print or social media. This is why you should task your designer with producing multiple versions of the same logo. With this, the workload on your marketing team reduces drastically.

Here are some versions you should have in your marketing arsenal:

  • Dark version – Its dark nature makes it fit into a light background seamlessly.
  • Light version – The dominant light color contrasts perfectly with a dark background so that it pops.
  • Square version – This version ensures that the logo looks great in a square or vertical format.
  • Horizontal version – With this version, your logo will look great in a horizontal orientation.
  • Icon – You should have an icon that is independent of your actual logo. Your establishment needs this when your logo is made up of texts. If it is an icon already, then there’s no need.


This is another important aspect of graphic design and marketing you should get right. Your website brings both together even though many businesses neglect this piece of real estate.

If your website is visually appealing, visitors have a reason to return frequently and become customers. With high-quality design, you can project your products or services with ease. This makes them more attractive to your target audience.

Do you know that your business website gives the first impression of your brand? It’s like walking into the front door of your physical store. You never get a second chance at making a first impression.

With an attractive design, you will easily complement your web content. It enhances your text which, in turn, boosts sales. Since your website works round the clock for your company, make sure that you get the graphics right.

Marketing materials

Try designing your marketing materials in basic MS Paint and see the reaction of your target audience. You are likely not to make any sales to new prospects. Even existing customers will be wary of taking the step.

This is why in graphic design and marketing you must focus on properly designed marketing materials. You need the help of top-class designers to handle the production of your marketing materials.

Note that your marketing materials represent your brand. If you get the designs right, you have the perfect representatives to attract patronage. In the end, your sales team has a boost in confidence with quality marketing materials. Examples of marketing materials include brochures, flyers , catalogs, pamphlets, tote bags, etc.

Social Media Posts

Social media is a very important aspect of your graphic design and marketing. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the most common of the social media networks used worldwide. Using social media opens a gateway to a huge audience for your business.

What’s the catch? You are not the only one on social media, you’ve got so many competitors online as well. It is now a matter of who stands out the most. The best way to do this to have well-designed and more polished posts that focus on your brand.

This means that your designer should focus on creating social media templates. Your marketing team will find it easy to edit these templates and use them any time the need arises.

Here’s a list of common template ideas you can try out:

  • Try this…
  • Did you know?
  • Fun facts.
  • Customers’ testimonials.
  • Daily tips

Presentations and Pitch Decks

Are you planning an idea pitch for your venture capitalists? Do need to present a new idea to attract a new client? Is it time to present your quarterly reports to the board?

Whatever the case is, you need a presentation or pitch deck template. Get your designer to work on something unique rather than depend on what you’ll get on Google Slides. Presentation always matters, especially in important situations like this.

Motion Graphics

This is an aspect of graphic design and marketing that companies take for granted. It is probably because motion graphics is still new and we are just adjusting to reality. But it is becoming so common that you see them everywhere. From banners to trailers, promotional videos to GIFs, and so on.

You can easily catch the attention of the market by simply adding some audio to your motion graphics. The easiest way to view this is as a moving infographic. Using this kind of graphic design will increase engagements and conversions. Of course, you’ll get your audience entertained while they get the message about what you are selling.

Importance of Graphic Design to Marketing

It is impossible to discuss graphic design and marketing without stating the importance of the former to the latter. Many people consider graphic design as the final touch to the marketing process. What they don’t know is that it is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign.

Here are some reasons why you need good graphic design for your marketing:


Graphic design, on its own, can convince anyone to buy a product without the effort of words. Within a few seconds, people are able to get attracted to design, logo, or brand.

Visual Aesthetics

Communication is a lot easier when it works in tandem with visual aesthetics. This is what graphic design brings to the table. It makes it easier for the target audience to recognize your brand separate from the competition.


The aim of marketing campaigns is identification and recognition. Graphic design helps to achieve this aim very easily. It is efficient in driving campaigns to meet the exact objectives.


Graphic design makes it easy to strategize for marketing campaigns. This is a key aspect that marketing teams need to look into. You should understand that your whole marketing strategy depends on good graphic design. This way, you can drive your messages home and attract new prospects easily.


Now that you understand the relationship between graphic design and marketing, you can enjoy the immense benefits to your business. Delesign offers you all the above-mentioned services on one convenient platform.

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