Graphic Design Company In the USA: Factors To Consider In Finding The Best One

Published by Maria De La Peña on December 25, 2020

Choosing the best graphic design company in the USA may require quite some time and dedication amid a pool of names to choose from in the industry. While many boast of having the right experience and training, only a few can correctly communicate your company’s desired logos and design.

The search for the right graphic design company is crucial in the successful execution of your marketing plan. Graphic design companies like Delesign will help you create a distinctive presence online,  make you stand out from competitors, and promote your values.  More importantly, they help create connection and resonance with your target market.

According to a survey by CareerExplorer, the demand for graphic designers in the United States would rise to 4.2% from 2016 to 2026. This strong demand gives any graphic design team a high chance of getting more projects in the future. Though the print industry's decline may signal a decrease in the demand for designer jobs, outsourcing companies will continue to need the services of an excellent graphic design team.

Graphic Design Company in USA selection. Communication and goal-setting are essential when looking for the best designer. Source: Unsplash

How to Choose a Graphic Design Company in the USA

Here are a few considerations when choosing a graphic design company in the USA that best matches your needs.

Relevant Experiences

Look for a graphic design team with a broad spectrum of experiences. The company should employ designers who have worked in ad agencies and design studios. Working experiences from these places are valuable since a variety of clients with various needs go to them. Designers from these workplaces also know how to budget their time efficiently.

Designers from in-house corporate communications teams are also likely to offer valuable skills as they have more exposure to projects from many disciplines and fields. They are also trained to be compliant with the budgetary constraints of a project. If you find a graphic design company in the USA with these people, give it a try!

Check the graphic design company candidate in terms of their experiences in marketing products. Choose those that have experience in dealing with previous clients similar to yours. For example, a graphic design company specializing in marketing may not be the best match if you’re selling IT products. It has a different background and may not efficiently communicate with your target market.

The Portfolio

The portfolio is one of the first things that a graphic design company will present to its clients. It can contain designs created for previous clients or samples that have not been used yet. A company with a wide variety of work samples from various industries may be the right candidate. Its sample designs are a good indicator of vast ideas and creativity.

Looking at samples in a portfolio should only be the first step. Try to dig deeper. Ask if they have sample designs from related companies that deliver the same service as yours. Also, try to figure out what you need. If you seek advertising help, a design company specializing in logos may not be the right one for you.

Designers who focus too much on a specific industry may have a disadvantage. A graphic design in the USA catering services to retail clients might not have the right design samples for your tech industry. Its learning curve to adjust to your needs may not also be that fast.

Industry Expertise

Here are some basic questions you can ask to assess the expertise of a graphic design team:

  • What possible designs can you offer to realize my product mission and vision?
  •  Do you have a blog or social media page that contains your best logos and models?
  • Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

When checking their social media page,  see if they offer helpful advice and tips to their audience. A graphic design team that quickly provides guidance will most likely not hesitate to go the extra mile.

Starting a trial project with the graphic design candidate is also a great way to narrow down your options. The sample project may range from designing a simple logo or revising an existing project. Some clients may use a sample of a significant project's basic conceptualization. Anything that requires a few hours to complete a particular project can be a good gauge of the candidate's expertise. Make sure, though, to pay your graphic design company candidates for any trial projects they take.

In the interview process, be clear with your candidates' expectations to achieve the best possible output. Deliverables may be in the form of documentation and artwork. They can also include proofing concepts that require deadlines and comments and feedback for design choices.

Transparency of your expectations will lead to an understanding of the design company's creativity and work process. In turn, your company will increase its productivity and success.

Tips When Researching for a Graphic Design Company in the USA

Doing your research about a design company candidate is also crucial before finally closing a deal. Here are a few tips while doing your online research:

Client Testimonials

Online research may include looking into client testimonials. The rating on a web page of testimonials is a fair reflection of its professionalism and creativity. Try to look beyond the ratings and find what kind of services satisfies customers the most. These reviews should provide you with insights into the design company’s dealings with their previous customers. You might also want to contact some of their clients and personally ask them regarding their experience with the design company.

Accessibility of the Company

If you are looking for a graphic design company in the USA, prioritize those who live near your state or city. An accessible company spares you the burden of spending lots of travel to meet them. They will also have less trouble reaching you if you want to meet them face-to-face to discuss your proposal.

Conversations seal the deal. Many things can be learned, discussed, and ironed out in actual meetings and discussions. Some decisions cannot be made just by looking at a design portfolio.

Graphic Design Company in USA Selection. Make sure to interview the candidate. Ask them more about their portfolio. Source: Unsplash

In case you found an interesting, competent graphic design company in the USA, far from where you live, request a short video chat interview with the company. Seeing another person's expressions and body language matter can tell a lot about the person's integrity. You may take advantage of online communication platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams. These platforms will help facilitate real-time communication.

You can even engage a candidate in a mini test requiring them to share sketches and stories in a video conference. In this way, you will get a better preview of how it is to work with them.

Graphic Design Company in USA selection. You may require them to draw their sample design. Source: Unsplash.

During the interview, you may ask about their inspirations or the sources of their ideas. Inspiration may refer to brands, websites, books, and artists. In this way, you will get a clear idea about the designer's sense of style, additional ideas, or unique design elements to apply to your project. The candidate for the design company in USA should not hesitate to give these details during the interview!

In terms of accessibility, choose the design company that provides efficient customer support services. An accessible graphic design group is necessary when making revisions and improvements.

The Best Graphic Design Company in the USA

Searching for a graphic design company in the USA that best suits your needs is not an easy feat. But once you get the right designer for you, you will see your Returns of Investment (ROI) rising ten folds! In Delesign, you will get unlimited custom graphic design, motion graphics, and so much more.

Be clear with your expectations and goals that you want to achieve. Then, be ready to talk to Delesign team. Fill out the information required about your company and select the best schedules for you. The schedule that you provided will let the team know which designer is available on that day. You may submit your request to the team anytime in its portal or via email.

Delesign gives you two available schedules at no additional cost. It will study your design proposal and will gladly match you with a designer. The graphic design company based in California will choose the designer who can most likely execute your desired designs. It also provides you with easier access and communication to your matched designer in its portal or through Slack in real-time.

If you want to collaborate with another designer, you may drop them a message and let them know what else you need. They are more than happy to find and match you with a new designer.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't look any further in your search for a graphic designer in the USA. Sign up now and experience significant growth in your business.

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