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Graphic Design Freelancers: How To Hire Designers as a Business Owner

Interested in hiring graphic design freelancers for your business needs? Our article covers all you need to know about the hire process and best sites.

Graphic Design Freelancers: How To Hire Designers as a Business Owner

For business owners, brand packaging is equally important as brand quality. As such, having the expertise of an experienced graphic designer is important to guide the business on brand presentation. However, graphic design services are most times on a “need basis” thereby making it less cost-effective to have permanent or full-time staff dedicated to the role. In situations like this, graphic design freelancers come in handy.

Making use of freelancers is a smart decision, especially for startups. There are several benefits that accrue to your business when you choose the option of hiring on a freelance basis. In this post, we will be sharing some of the benefits and a few tips on how to make hiring decisions.

Benefits of Hiring Graphic Design Freelancers for Businesses

Before investing in a venture, you need to know the benefits you are likely to enjoy. Some of them include:


If you are looking for the most cost-effective way to hire graphic design services, this is it. Freelance graphic designers are way cheaper than hiring full-time or on-demand graphic designers. Why is this so?

It is no secret that on-demand graphic design services are only worth it when you have lots of designs monthly. Full-time designers, on the other hand, come with several hidden fees other than their salaries. Notwithstanding, they still get to earn between $45,000 and $55,000 monthly which is costly for small businesses and startups.

Variety of skills

When you hire a full-time designer, all you get most times is a graphic designer and nothing more. But your business needs more than this to beat the competition. With graphic design freelancers, you have an array of skills.

Many of them can design, handle social media management, write copies, and carry out other tasks. This means that you are getting more value for money with your hire.

Access to a pool of talent

Working with an in-house designer is great but there’s a challenge. There is a possibility that soon the designer will become stale and run out of ideas. With freelance designers, you have access to a fresh pool of talent anytime you need it.

What freelance graphic designers present you is a variety of mindsets to pick from. This way, you can pick the best hands for each task and you are not bothered about loyalty. If you aren’t satisfied with one designer, you can simply move on to another for your next job.

You don’t lose much from a quitting designer

When you and your designer have issues or don’t get along, there is a probability they will quit. If the individual is employed on a full-time basis, this could be worrisome for your business. You’ll need to find a way to balance your business afterward. This may be difficult.

With freelance graphic designers, it is quite different. First of all, you don’t feel any serious attachment to such designers. This is because they work with you on a project basis. You don’t have any serious commitments and they don’t even hold any serious information.

Quality services

The freelance market is one that has huge competition. Graphic design freelancers constantly have to improve on their skills. They know that if they don’t, they’ll lose their clients to other designers in their space.

This competition is healthy for your business because you enjoy the best services at very affordable prices. No one wants to be out of job and since the stakes are high, they’ll push themselves.

Where to Find Graphic Design Freelancers

To find freelance graphic designers, you need to visit freelance platforms. There are so many platforms available so your search might be long and stressful. Frankly, you don’t have the time for this.

You must find credible and skillful graphic designers who can deliver promptly. With all these criteria, you need to find the best freelance platforms to find graphic designers. In this section, we will show you a few of the top freelance platforms to find graphic designers.


Graphic Design Freelancers: How To Hire Designers As a Business Owner

This design service is subscription-based platform to hire freelancers. What this means is that you pay a monthly subscription fee to hire top graphic design freelancers who will provide unlimited designs. The turnaround time for design tasks is between 24 and 48 hours.

You should note that you can only request a single task per time. That means that in a month, you should grind out about 30 designs in total, based on the turnaround time.


Graphic Design Freelancers: How To Hire Designers As a Business Owner

This one of the most popular platforms to find graphic designers. It is undeniable that many people have reservations about this platform in recent times. However, graphic designers find it difficult to sign up these days because of how crowded the platform is.

Nonetheless, it is a great platform to find graphic design talent for your business. The challenge with this platform is that you may find the prices a little too high.


Graphic Design Freelancers: How To Hire Designers As a Business Owner

This is another platform where you can find credible graphic design freelancers. It solves most of the problems you may likely face using Upwork. For example, the platform double-checks designers before listing them on the platform.

Graphic design is just one of the freelance services you can access on Credo. Others include content marketing, SEO consulting, and WordPress development to mention a few. Using this platform comes with several benefits as well.


Graphic Design Freelancers: How To Hire Designers As a Business Owner

Fiverr is a very famous platform for finding all kinds of freelancers including graphic artists. This platform is seen by many as the biggest marketplace for freelancers. The charges are minimal and you are almost certain of getting top-notch services on this platform.

One challenge you may face on this platform is that there are so many freelance designers signed up here. However, you can get the best if you watch out for the appropriate factors.


Graphic Design Freelancers: How To Hire Designers As a Business Owner

On this platform, you get access to top-quality freelance graphic designers from different parts of the world. To be honest, companies that need the best hands go on Toptal.

It is very easy for you to find the talent you seek because the recruitment process is user-friendly. With the free trial window, you’ll find using this platform cost-effective. One of the major advantages of using this platform is flexible invoicing.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Graphic Design Freelancers

All the freelance platforms above have a load of graphic designers signed up. What does this mean for you? It’s going to take some serious work and it will consume a lot of time. To help you achieve your aim in double-quick-time, here are some factors you can consider:

  • Workload – It is important to ask about the workload of graphic design freelancers before hiring one. This will give you a picture of how much time they will have to do your work. If you are comfortable with their workload in relation to yours, then you can go ahead.
  • Skills – You also need to know the skills that the designer possesses. Check these skills in relation to the skills you need for the design tasks you have at hand. Do they match? If yes, then you might have found who you are looking for.
  • Budget – How much are you willing to pay for the service you require? Does the charge of the designer match yours? By the way, note that cheaper designers sometimes are rookies. This means that you may not get the best designs from them.
  • Reviews – How do past clients rate the designer? This will give a vivid picture of what to expect working with that individual.


That’s all you need to know about hiring graphic design freelancers. Did we leave anything out? Drop it in the comments section, we’d love to read from you.

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