Hire Logo Designer: Why and How You Should Hire A Logo Design Expert

Maria De La Peña August 25, 2020
Hire Logo Designer: Why and How You Should Hire A Logo Design Expert

One of the most important assets that your business can have is your logo. This is why it is easy to remember big brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. If your business will thrive, then you must hire a logo designer.

There are several ways to hire graphic design services and there are factors to consider as well. You must put this whole process through a lot of thought before diving in. We will answer all your question regarding hiring a logo designer in this post.

Why Does Your Business need a Logo?

Before we even begin to discuss how to hire logo designer, we need to iron out a few issues. One such issue is “why does your business need a logo in the first place?” This question is even more crucial when you have been operating for a long time.

Let’s show you why you need a logo in the next few paragraphs.

To Attract

It is no longer news that new businesses are springing up in different sectors of the economy. This means that you need extra effort to grab attention to your brand to thrive.

It is even more difficult these days because attention spans are getting shorter. According to statistics, you have just 2 seconds to make a prospect consider your brand. A well-designed logo can achieve this in less time.

To Impress

Grabbing attention is one thing, passing the right message with your first chance is another. You don’t have more than one chance to make a mark on a potential client. Your logo is the first point of introduction, it creates the first impression.

This means that you need to wrap what you do and your values in the logo. With this, you can stamp your authority very easily.

To Invoke

There’s one thing customers all over the world crave. What is that? Consistency!!!

The more your business grows, the more your logo will become popular. It means that you need to have something that stands as your representative. What is that consistent factor across all your products?

Your logo. This is why we know Nike, Facebook, and other top brands easily. Achieve this consistency with your logo and watch your figures spike.

To Satisfy

When you reach out to your target audience, the first thing they’ll look for is your logo. Why? Your logo is your identity.

Without a logo, your brand is likely not to stick in the minds of the audience. Place your logo on every available platform, flyers, business cards, social media designs, etc.

Top 3 Hiring Options for a Business Logo Designer

Now you know the importance of logos to your business, the next step is to get a professional. Like we said earlier, there are several ways to hire graphic design services to create logos. We will discuss the three major methods in this section.

Hire a Freelance Logo Designer

This is the easiest way to hire designers. All you need to do is to go on any of the top freelance platforms and place a job post. You can also make use of a subscription-based design service like Delesign to hire a freelance logo designer. This method is the cheapest of the three we will be discussing.

However, you’ll handle the administrative work and manage the project. There are so many things to consider when using this method. For example, how much time do you have on your hands for the project? You also need to consider if this is a one-off assignment or not.

This method is best if you have a single job or very few jobs to handle. We also advise this method if you are a startup on a small budget. Even though this method is very flexible and easy, note that there are a few cons.

  • Affordable.
  • An array of talents to choose from.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Unreliable communication.
  • Unpredictable results.

Hire an In-house Logo Designer

This is the second way to hire logo designer. It is a little more complicated than the first even though it comes with its benefits. The idea is to get a graphic designer that works full-time at your firm.

In this case, you’ll be handling a lot more than paying for designing a logo. It is only advisable to adopt this method if you have other design tasks to handle. Well, since you’ll need to create sales pitches and social media designs, it will be worth your money.

Make sure that you find the right designer that suits your brand objectives. The most interesting advantage an in-douse designer brings is easier communication. However, the hiring process can be a little cumbersome.

  • Better communication.
  • Quicker turnover rate.
  • More quality designs.
  • Lack of versatility.
  • Hidden costs.

Get On-demand Graphic Design Agencies

To hire logo designer using this method means that you have other needs apart from logo design. It costs a lot more than the other two options. However, it yields better quality designs.

They’ll help handle your branding in line with your brand vision, mission, objectives, and values. Agencies ensure smooth communication and the turnover rate is the fastest. Beyond this, you have access to a lot of benefits with no hidden charges.

  • Best quality designs.
  • Very quick turnover.
  • Lots of privileges.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Expensive.
  • Monthly flat rate.

Factors to consider before you hire logo designer

As we stated earlier, you must put in a lot of thought before you hire logo designer. There are several factors to look out for. We have summarized a few of them in this section to help you out.

Business expectations

Your business expectations will determine which of the three methods of recruitment you’ll choose. It will also determine the kind of designer you are looking for. You know your business better than anyone so you need to be sure who you are bringing in.


If all you are looking for is a logo designer, then it is easy to hire a freelance designer. However, if you need more services, then you must find someone with several skills. In this case, you may need to look towards an on-demand agency. An in-house designer who has an array of skills will also come in handy depending on your budget.


How much are you willing and able to pay for a designer? This will determine your recruitment process and who you end up with. If you can’t afford much, then you may need to stick to freelance designers for now. However, if you have enough funds, you can hire a full-time designer or sign-up with an agency.


How many design tasks do you have in a month? What kind of tasks do you have? All of these determine who you will hire. If you want just one logo, a freelance designer will make the cut. However, if you have consistent tasks then you can choose between an agency and a full-time designer. Don’t forget that your choice between the last two depends on your budget as well.

Wrap Up

Now that you know how to hire logo designer, your task should be a lot easier. We have shown you the different hiring options, the importance of a logo, and factors to consider. Do you have any questions? Ask them in the comments section.

Written by Maria De La Peña

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