February 12, 2021 Published by Janhavi Mishara

How CRM can help your company in a post-pandemic world

Companies have switched onto a not so traditional working culture. This change is quite challenging as managing customers, teams, and stakeholders have gained new prominence.

Covid19 pandemonium has caught us all in a tornado of helplessness, and the business world has never been the exception. Amidst the confusion, we see our government has been giving its best at maintaining the calm and poise of people and businesses.

Companies have switched onto a not so traditional working culture. This change is quite challenging as managing customers, teams, and stakeholders have gained new prominence.

From giant MNC's to small scale enterprises, everyone has shifted to a virtual platform to ensure their survival and continuity. But this isn't as easy as it sounds. software such as WhatsApp CRM, helps remote teams ensure their productivity.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a tool that analyzes the company's history and its relationship with its past, present, and potential customers — therefore helping businesses to improve their relationship with customers.

According to Roy H.Williams, the philosophy behind CRM is based on "using technology to improvise human interaction rather than using technology for automating processes. The first set in exceeding your customers expect to know those expectations."

How is CRM helpful?

CRM isn't rocket science, but it can successfully turn you into a competitive superstar.

Here are some of the marketing tips using CRM to keep your ship sailing and that too in the right direction!

Interactive voice response, mass mailing, and chats via messengers

CRM integrates with an IVR application, facilitating process-driven communication for your investments all within the CRM tool. Marketing campaigns, as well as self-service and survey management, become a cinch with CRM. CRM effectively supports both pre and post-sales aspects of your business.

Integrating CRM and telephony services adds to your customer outreach. With the help of groups from CRM, one can send newsletters, product or service announcements and marketing messages with ease. For other advanced levels of email marketing, Mailchimp (CRM's built-in integration) draws light.


Customer preferences - make way for new changes.

In this Coronavirus environment, it is not surprising to notice any changes in your customer's behavior. Not all customers still behave the same, and their behavior may change even on a day to day basis. It may result in ambiguous action, careful not to draw any conclusion solely based on their present behavior. A customer may not only demand changes in the product, services but also the channel of communication.

The CRM tools come in to picture in this context. From creating email templates and scripting SMS's the CRM has it all covered.

Shift your focus on human interaction

In this global crisis, it is very much necessary that you try and empathize with your customers and understand their point of view. Mass messaging techniques such as blast emails and social media posting may not earn you fruitful results. Hence, try to personalize your approach. It will not only increase your lead count but will also result in customer benefit.

Categorize your customers based on their previous relationships with your company. Segment them based on their birthday months and their loyalty towards your company. Now hand this list over to your Tele-caller team for special treatment. In this way, you can make ends meet.

As Patricia Fripp rightfully puts it, "It is not your customer's job to remember you. Rather it's your responsibility and obligation to make sure they don't have the chance to forget you".

Aim for certainty

Has changing customer behavior and preferences and the rising of digital cost have led to the budget's shrinking, hasn't it?. Don't worry; everyone is in the same mess. Maybe this is just not the right time to think about new investment strategies. In the same way, it might be time to rethink whether to use an internet-based audience as your default option.

One of the tricks is to focus on your already existing audience and grasp onto their unique qualities to discover a new set of audience. It indeed creates a maximum level of certainty.

For example, categorize your most promising leads into one segment and use them as your lookalike audience on different advertising platforms. It ensures that you keep a tab on your audience daily and control uncertainty as much as possible.

Maintain your calm and poise

Don't be in a hurry to reach out to all of your customers. Be calm and take sensible and sound decisions that will later benefit your company. Try and execute your marketing strategies in a planned manner using the customers that you already know. It will boil down to lesser levels of uncertainty.

Last but not least, keep your distance and maintain your safety in this so-called Coronavirus environment!


Though the Covid19 pandemic has made the standard economic functionalities go haywire, don't worry cause everyone is in the same soup. Yet, amidst this misery, the government is trying its best to revamp and reboot the economy and bring back routine.

Business management software such as CRM helps in maintaining customer experience and ensure consistent customer engagement. Therefore it is on us how well we use the situation to our advantage.