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Hubstaff Talent Review: Pros And Cons To Think About

Hubstaff Talent review articles should be taken with a grain of salt. One must check the site personally and look for ways to take full advantage of it.

Hubstaff Talent review articles online have become relevant lately as the platform gained more fame and visibility. Times have changed, and remote working has become more common. Before accepting a job, it is normal for an applicant to research the company. Companies, in return, would use job search platforms to know more about the applicant. If you went to Hubstaff recently and were not satisfied with their job searches, you may try Delesign. It is also a competitive job platform for visual artists and web designers alike. This article will explain more reasons to check it out.

Hubstaff Talent Review articles about Hubstaff have been increasing in number. Before believing in any of them, it is best to try it out first.

But for now, let’s talk about Hubstaff Talent. You may want to ask: What are the features you can find in Hubstaff Talent? What are the pros and cons of this platform? And, how can you take full advantage of this site? The following are salient, essential points from popular Hubstaff Talent review articles.

Hubstaff Talent Review: Important Features And How The Website Works

Started in 2012, Hubstaff Talent aims to help people to work better. It is currently representing 18 countries, with 60 remote team members, and has been serving over 34,000 customers. Signing up on this website is entirely free. It also does not need mediators and can function in any platform or browser.

Agencies and freelancers alike can create a free online account. From there, they can start browsing agencies and freelancers before deciding which team or applicant to contact later on. Freelancers and employers are expected to find consensus on working terms that could both benefit them. Common understanding should include a platform where both parties can work together.

Companies can add as many members to their profile as they want as long as they make essential visible to the public. Freelancers, on the other hand, should add skills in their profile so that companies will notice them. Companies may contact top-performing and potential workers. After each transaction or contract, the company should pay the freelancer directly.

Its time tracking app feature is what draws both clients and freelancers alike. Just like Upwork, Hubstaff Talent allows everybody to set their rate per hour in their respective pages. Once an agreement is reached, one can use this time tracking app to automatically compute how much work is done and its corresponding monetary equivalent. This is an important feature that is always mentioned in any Hubstaff Talent review.

Hubstaff Talent Review: Its Pros

Below we list down all the advantages of the job platform as shared by users.

Completely free service and sign-ups  

This free service is the most prominent feature that made the website famous. And this is available for both business owners and freelancers. One can guarantee that there are no markups, mediators, or hidden fees in the entire project. Despite not asking for any costs, the job platform accommodates several categories that are made available for freelancers all over the world.

An abundance of remote job choices

As Hubstaff Talent is completely free, contractors are motivated to post new jobs. There are at least fifty new jobs added per week; and more than eighty hourly-based or fixed-price freelance gigs. This widens the search for job seekers and gives them more chances of getting the job they truly want.

Easy and Organized Job Searches

One Hubstaff Talent review said that the site is convenient enough to show the most recent job posting.

One can also change his/her preferences and see jobs according to pay per rate for each job. Some members also praised Hubstaff Talent for sending job notifications that fall under their chosen category. Emails sent are also based on the keywords displayed in their profile. There are also notifications when one's application gets noticed, or a new job summary fits the skills and qualifications mentioned in the profile.

Enables Sending Messages

Job hunts online are competitive; thus, applicants should show every move that they are interested in a particular position. One way to do this is to send a direct message to a potential client. In these messages, applicants can pitch additional services and skills not mentioned in their online resumes.

Hubstaff talent review sites may give you both pros and cons of Hubstaff Talent. In the end, you have to decide how the platform can benefit you.

Hubstaff Talent Review: Why Users Dislike It

Below is a list of the disadvantages of the job platform as shared by users:

Low-paying jobs

Compensation and wages are an essential consideration in a job search. Fair compensation is what motivates a person to go the extra mile in a task. This aspect, however, is not fully met in this job platform, as a lot of Hubstaff Talent reviews said. Reportedly, the majority of jobs on the platform are low-paying. Most of them start at $2 per hour. While this price may be a reasonable starting price for some, it may not be attractive for some people in other parts of the world.

More chances for freelancers than remote workers

Some users also complained that available jobs are mostly for freelancers. This preference alone gives very few chances for the rest of the population to take remote tasks or get a full-time remote position. There are also website features showing its preference for freelancers. The platform urges visitors to create a public freelancer profile. All applicants, regardless of their job category, should do this.  Further, the site also prefers to accept freelancers who have at least one year of professional experience. Applicants who would like to get a job with minimum pay must still state this in their profile to get the site's approval.

Job searches are not efficient all the time.

Some users complained that the platform should make job searching more efficient. Hubstaff Talent is still using traditional searches with the use of specific skills or keywords. What users would like to see is for the site to include searches by job type and location tags that enable users to see more relevant searches.

 Not all job sources are verified and trusted.

In one Hubstaff Talent review, one user reported finding jobs from untrusted sources and hirers. This inability to weed out untrusted employers makes hiring difficult and time-consuming.

The site's free messaging feature is also reportedly abused. Some hirers have been disrespectful and unprofessional. Some of them are reportedly sending rude comments to applicants.

How To Fully Make Use Of Hubstaff Talent

Below we wrap up ways by which this job platform benefits users.

Helps In Increasing Online Visibility

Despite a negative Hubstaff Talent review, one cannot deny that the platform has helped many people look for jobs.  One can use the platform as a way to advertise services and skills online. Hirers and contractors most often search a hirer's name in Google. Once they find the profile in Hubstaff, they will gain more confidence that the applicant is sending them an authentic resume.

Lesser competition can increase an applicant’s likelihood to find a job

Unlike prominent websites, Hubstaff Talent is fairly new and is still in the process of establishing a name in the job search market. Being a new platform, Hubstaff Talent still has relatively fewer freelancers compared to bigger sites. This feature gives applicants the advantage to get more chances of getting a job.

A potent tool for networking

As one gets more online visibility, the chances of networking also increase. Networking is vital in sales. The accumulation of relevant contacts through time may increase the likelihood of success and rise in sales. Applicants should know the guidelines on how to create a noticeable and decent profile and portfolio.

How Should One Act on a Bad Hubstaff Talent Review?

Hubstaff is just like any job search platform online. It has its strengths and weaknesses. Before signing up and uploading a profile, applicants should read at least one Hubstaff Talent review. More reviews would mean more knowledge about the site. Through reviews, applicants will know how to deal with the website's weaknesses and continue to build a trusted online presence.

To date, Hubstaff Talent is not yet included in the Top 10 Best Job Search Websites for 2020. Then again, one can still take advantage of the platform to increase online visibility, create meaningful connections, and improve one's chances to look for work. One should remember that this platform prefers freelancers who have at least one year of experience. It may not also offer rewarding wages, but who knows, the employer may provide higher rates later on when satisfied with output and performance!

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