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Key Factors to Content Writing Success for Freelance Writers & Marketers Hiring Writers

Tired of using failed content or writers that do not just understand your needs? Our article covers essential factors for content writing success.

Content Writing

It is no secret that content is king these days. Like someone rightly said, the powers of a good content writer are limitless. To access these powers, you need to know the secrets of content writing success.

Truth be told, you need to put in some hard work to write content that will help top the competition. This is the only way to increase traffic to your website and attract more revenue. In this post, we will show you the secrets to write quality content.

Ready to be successful at content writing? Let’s go on this journey together.

Importance of Good Content For Writing Success?

Content Brainstorming

Before we discuss how to attain content writing success, let’s show you why you need quality content. If you don’t optimize your content for search engines, you cannot attract organic traffic.

Top businesses understand how important this is which is why they are always seeking good content writers. This is the only way to stand out in the already crowded internet space. If you can create great content, you’ll be able to increase your revenue.

Basically, good content helps you attract the right target audience. But beyond this, it encourages your audience to do your bidding which leads to increased conversion rates.

Setting a Foundation of Good Writing for Content Success

What exactly is good content writing?

Firstly, you should know that content is posted in several kinds of media. This includes white papers, blogs, web pages, social media, audio, and video recordings, and articles. The key to good content writing is focusing on the audience.

If you are not able to captivate your audience with your content, then it isn’t great. You can liken content writing to creating jokes. If people need an explanation, then it isn’t good.

In essence, good content writing combines key aspects that engage readers while performing well on search engines. This requires using SEO tactics, purpose, consistency, and most of all, creativity.

Keys To Content Writing Success

Content Checklist

Great content writers can be likened to superheroes because they have it all. They aren’t just wordsmiths, they are great marketers, SEO specialists, and gurus of social media. This means that they can create content that will drive traffic and also rank high on Google.

With this in mind, here are the keys to content writing success.

Focus on the audience

If you can captivate your audience, you’ll reap tremendous rewards with your content. Google bots focus on this so that searchers can find the content very quickly. If you can achieve this, Google will rank you high.

Focusing on your audience means that you produce content that will assist your audience to solve their problems. This requires you to know your audience first. Doing this makes it easy to answer their questions.


To be a good content writer, you need to master several writing styles. What’s the reason? There are different kinds of writing projects, in all sizes and shapes. Check out some examples below:

  • News – Concise paragraphs that include a summary at the beginning of the content.
  • Blogging – Inviting, opinionated, yet friendly pieces to solve the reader’s problem.
  • White papers – Long-form articles that solve problems.
  • Case studies – In-depth writing with specific information for research using defined scenarios.
  • Ad copy – Concise articles that are written to convince readers to increase conversion rates.
  • EBook – This is one of the most potent marketing tools that you can offer to subscribers for free. You can also sell it as one of your products.

For a person to be labeled as a successful writer, they must be able to write these fields efficiently. With this expertise, you can achieve content writing success easily.

Expertly Written

Before you start to write, you need to know the topic in-depth. If you don’t, it is easy for your audience to find out. Before writing on a topic, you should formulate your idea and put down an outline.

Now, you can follow through by researching each aspect deeply. You need to do this because your audience is in dire need of thorough knowledge. Show them how confident you are discussing each topic so that they know that you are an authority.

Dig deep on each aspect of the topic before delivery. This expertise is what Google is after. So if you want to rank high, you need to dig deep and write expertly.


Your content needs to be super readable. People understand readability in different ways however, it has a universal language known as “flow.” Why is this so?

It is because humans do not have a reduced attention span these days and it keeps dropping. So how do you write to catch attention? Simple, write the way they read.

Use these guidelines to create easily readable content:

  • Be engaging – Leave out the fluff and work with concise and clear content. Your audience wants as much information as possible in the easiest form possible.
  • Stick to active voice – This way, you’ll be more engaging and authoritative.
  • Proofread – Scanning through your content after writing shows you whether it is easy to read or not. Be the first judge of your work.
  • Stick to a clear structure – Shorter paragraphs and sentences with bullet points and subtitles make content easy to read.

Readability is one of the key ingredients of content writing success. Tools like Hemmingway and Grammarly come in handy when monitoring the readability of your content. Make it easy to read and both your readers and Google will love you more.

Be Creative

Top content writers need to constantly create new ideas for stories or new angles for specific topics. One of the hallmarks of great writers being able to come with interesting ideas no matter the topic in question.

The more time a writer spends in developing the idea, the less time they’ll spend creating. There is a strong link between creation and ideation. With the right blend of keywords and creativity, you’ll boost your click-through rates.

In essence, great writing is not only about skills or creativity. You must be able to mix these with ideation.

HTML and SEO Smart

Successful writers are jacks of all trades. Yet, they are also masters of many. They don’t have to be specialists, but basic knowledge is important.

For example, being able to tweak your site’s HTML format can save you from postponing or waiting for a developer. Here’s another thing to note. You cannot attain content writing success without understanding SEO.

You need to be comfortable with using SEO, at least the basics. If you are not, then you should be ready to appear on the sixth or seventh pages of Google. That’s if you appear in the first ten pages at all.

Be an expert with SEO, CSS, HTML, and pretty much anything that will improve your website. Remember, even if you are not an expert, acquire the basic knowledge. This way, you’ll stand out easily.


The competition on the internet is very heavy. If you are going to attain content writing success, you need to put in extra work. Learn to write to please Google as well as your target audience. This is the only way to boost your online marketing campaigns.

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