Launch Party: Top 7 Ideas to Try Out if You are a Startup

Maria De La Peña June 23, 2020
Launch Event
Launch Event

Congratulations on setting up your new company. Now you are faced with a new challenge, how to organize a launch party. For many startups, this is where confusion sets in.

Get your party right and you’ll be creating the perfect first impression. If things go wrong, then your brand starts with a bad reputation. Nobody wants the latter.

Have you been strung up about the perfect party ideas? Not to worry, we have put together seven helpful ideas to help you out. Let’s dive straight in.

Top 7 Launch Party Ideas

One of the fastest ways to attract new clients and gain brand recognition is organizing launch parties. This works for startups every time. Employing this strong tool of engagement marketing doesn’t come so easy.

If you are in the process of planning your company’s launch party, here are some helpful ideas to help.

1. Have a clear-cut objective for your launch party

The idea behind organizing this kind of party is to tell the world about your brand. Another reason could be to unveil a new product. Whatever the reason is for the party, you need to define your objectives.

What do you want to achieve with this party? Don’t forget that it if first business before fun so you need to measure KPIs. Once you have your objectives, the party ideas fall into your lap naturally.

2. Choose a color theme and get creative

Yes, you are on a strict budget. This does not stop you from working with a specific color theme. Colors have a psychological effect on the human mind.

Choosing a color theme is about the most budget-friendly way to run your party. You can decorate the arena with specific colors but be creative about it. The most natural thing to do is to use your brand colors.

While this is great, it may end up suffocating the audience if you are not creative. For the best results, you should work with a color palette instead. This way, you can complement your brand color, rather than overshadow it.

Choose neutral colors as the base for your table linens. You can now top this up with popping colors for your uplights, centerpieces, and staff uniforms. Add some more creativity by telling guests to come in different shades of a particular color.

3. Begin your celebration at the door

Here’s a point you should never forget. When people attend parties, they hardly forget the beginning or end. Those are the easiest points to remember and you can use them to your brand’s advantage.

Create new interesting memories for your guests just as they walk into the door. Why wait to start drinking later in the party? You can place a mobile bar at the door just before they walk in. They can have a glass in their hands as they stroll into your party.

This is one of the easiest ways to break the ice. It also makes it easy for you to pass the idea of your new brand or product to your audience.

4. Keep your audience busy

Busy? Not to come and work for you but to get into the groove of your launch party. When people have their hands full with fun stuff, they are more in the mood to hear about your products.

This is what we suggest. Try to tap into the creativity of all your attendees with a couple of open-house events. Doing this pushes them to want to make a stand-out appearance.

One of the things you can try out is encouraging each person to get an airbrush tattoo from a local artist. You can also consider having your bartender provide a short mixology lesson.

The idea is to involve your audience in your party as much as possible. Making them feel like they are stakeholders creates a sense of belonging that subtly makes them more interested in the brand.

5. Show off your team members to your audience

For a long time, you and your team have worked to birth this new brand or product. So many sleepless nights and stressful days. Now it is time to show off what you’ve been working on.

Surprise your guests by showing them who worked on the project and brought it to fruition. This idea requires you to plan. While the project is ongoing, you should take pictures and shoot videos.

Capture all the aspects of the process like building, working, interacting, and celebrating the completion. Allow your editing team to work on the videos and merge them with the pictures. Add a few filters and effects along with some good music.

When your audience is seated, you can introduce them to the new brand by playing this video. Doing this makes them the stars of your launch party. Making them take the spotlight tells a lot about your brand.

Not only does this improve your reputation but it shows your guests that you have a heart for the people. This means they can trust you to give them the best.

6. Play with food

What’s a party without food? Exactly, but why stick to the regular way of doing things? You can add some spice to your launch party with your food.

It just requires a little playing around here and there. One thing is sure, small bites are winners whether you are thing fun and playful or sophisticated and upscale. You can take it a notch higher by pairing your theme with your menu.

Speak to the chef in charge to come up with several miniature versions of carnival treats or composed entrees. Give attendees a different feel from what they eat at parties.

Try out some street tacos or pork BBQ along with a shot of margarita. Food will always make people loosen up. When they do, then you can begin discussing your wonderful new brand or product.

7. Make your dessert on point

Yes, we all love to eat healthily but only a few people can walk past a dessert table without stopping. Place a dessert table at a conspicuous location at your party venue.

Convince guests to visit this table after they are done eating and learning a little about your brand. As they visit the dessert table, they’ll be able to mingle with other guests. It is the perfect way to encourage networking.

Strategically place staff around the table to provide more information about your brand or product. Give out leaflets describing the products here and hand out a few souvenirs as well.

What should you have on your dessert table? Donuts, cupcakes, hand pies, anything to satisfy a sweet tooth.

What Not to Forget at Your Launch Party

Launch Event
Launch Event

When organizing a launch party, there is a tendency to forget some important things. We have put together a few in this section to help you.

Don’t forget to:

  • Focus the event on your brand or product.
  • Provide a live demo.
  • Choose a memorable location.
  • Stay within your budget.
  • Make attendance easy for your guests.


A launch party can make or mar your chances at growing brand recognition and product sales. This is why you must get it right. Once you have a strategy in place for your launch party, you can always reach out to experts at Delesign to help with any visual representation needs.

Written by Maria De La Peña

Maria is a content writer with keen interest in eCommerce and internet marketing. She is a communications graduate and understands what it takes to write persuasive copy and blog posts. Outside of work, you can find her mini-blogging about her life on social media.

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