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Outsource Graphic Design: Key Things to Take Into Consideration

Before you outsource your graphic design, read through our list of key things your business needs to take into consideration.

The Cost of Design Services

Outsourcing has become an integral part of business these days. It helps businesses provide better services since they can delegate tasks to individuals who can do it cheaper and better. Did you know that you can outsource graphic design to experts such as Delesign?

Yes, you can. It isn’t only the large companies that outsource, just about any company does. There are many freelance and on-demand designers that have made this possible. Are you wondering what outsourcing graphic design will entail and how to go about it?

Don’t worry. This post was written specifically to help you out. Read this guide and soon, you’d be outsourcing your graphic design with ease.

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Graphic Design

This is probably the first thing you want to know. Why shouldn’t you employ a graphic designer to work full-time at your firm? What do you get from outsourcing graphic design?

Does outsourcing make sense these days? Yes, it does. Check out a few reasons why below:


Industries are large and different companies have their specialization. For example, not every marketing company is in real estate marketing. Similarly, graphic designers have different areas of specialization.

If you employ a graphic designer, that individual is unlikely to be a jack of all trades. When you outsource graphic design, you have the opportunity of getting the exact skill set for a specific task. For example, a designer with a CAD background will be perfect for handling technical graphics. That individual may not be great at creating logos or designs for social media.

While time and budgeting are mostly why companies outsource, specialization is a major advantage. Rather than having an in-house designer create average designs, you can outsource to get top-notch graphics.


Running a business is about client satisfaction. As your business grows, you’d find clients requesting for services that you are not empowered to offer just yet. What do you do?

Obviously, you shouldn’t turn them away. Rather, you should turn to outsourcing. All you need to do is find a freelance design that has the desired skill set to kill off that job. This will ensure that you exceed your client’s expectations.

In less than no time, you’ll be expanding beyond your original boundaries. More than this, the creativity of the freelance designer inspires your team. Use this as an opportunity to impact new skills to your team members. This way, you’d have them breaking boundaries as well.

Adapting to various workflow demands

Your business is not going to be busy all through the year. All businesses have downtime and boom seasons. You can adapt your business model to outsource graphic design when there is a huge demand for it.

This implies that you hire more freelance designers at periods that you have lots of work. As soon as the workload drops, you can revert to a single designer. Doing this makes it easy for you to pick up the pace and slow things down at will.

Also, adapting to your design needs per time allows you to save more for your business. You don’t have to keep paying an idle in-house designer. Finally, it helps you get the job done at lightning-quick speed.

Who Needs to Outsource Graphic Design

It isn’t uncommon to see the bigger companies outsource their graphic design jobs to complement their design team. Don’t be deceived, they never only work with their in-house designers. It helps them manage their workflow and keep their designers on their toes.

But the question is this, should big companies alone outsource design gigs? The clear answer is NO. Who then needs to adapt to this model? Check out some of them below:

Ad Agencies

The internet, especially social media, has introduced a lot of changes in the way we run ads. Ad agencies need to create graphics for different social media platforms and Google daily. While the in-house designers can be supervisors and carry out A/B/C testing, these agencies need to outsource.

Marketing Agencies

These agencies almost always have design gigs to handle. If they are to meet the demand on their table, they’d have to hire so many graphic designers. Why spend so much when you can outsource graphic design? Simply find designers that will handle the design tasks on your behalf and you can deliver to your clients.

Web Design Agencies

Infographics have become integral to web design these days. It is not enough to have quality content, you must accompany such content with top-notch designs. Web developers do not have the expertise nor the time to handle the designs. Hiring a freelancer presents a cheaper and more efficient option of getting your design tasks done.

Marketing/Branding Teams

These teams always have deadlines to catch up with. This means that the in-house designers have a pile of work to complete each day. With this in view, you might never get the best from your designer. Outsourcing ensures that you maintain quality while you free-up your designer a little.

Established Startups

You run your company and you have a few designers on your payroll, great. What happens when you have a load of designs to handle that swarms your team? You need to outsource graphic design at this point. This will save your team from stress so that they can concentrate more on the most important tasks.

Who Doesn’t Need to Outsource Graphic Design?

Outsourcing graphic design must look or feel like an interesting opportunity already. True, but not everyone needs it. Did you just ask why? Let’s explain.

When you look at our list of businesses that need to outsource their design, they all have something in common. A constant huge inflow of design tasks.

It is simple, if you don’t have a large inflow of design tasks, there is no need to outsource. If you do, you’ll end up incurring excess costs. Beyond the costs, it is administratively tasking and time-consuming for one-off tasks.

New business owners should also stick to running their designs themselves to save cost and time. You can find a single freelance designer to handle all your design tasks instead if you can hire one in-house.

Pros of Outsource Graphic Design

Reduces labor cost

This is probably the biggest benefit of outsourcing graphic design. You can get the job done at lesser costs especially when you have a huge workload.


Setting the right processes or systems in place along with some practice brings dividends. Soon, you’ll be able to scale operations while running a full-fledged team.

Access to talents

When you outsource graphic design, you have more access to talents. There is a huge pool out there, why stick to just one or two designers?

Cons of Outsource Graphic Design


Managing a team of offshore designers can be quite tasking. It takes a lot to recruit, interview, hire and pay designers from different parts of the world.


In some cases, you just don’t seem to be on the same page with your designer. With the designer far from you, it is even more difficult. You can solve this problem by defining a clear mode of communication and hiring designers that understand you the most.


There you go, all you need to know before you outsource graphic design. Platforms like Delesign give you that opportunity to outsource your graphic needs while you place your focus on other important things such as expansion.

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