December 15, 2021 Published by Raffy Montehermoso

Let These Promo Video Ideas Bring Your Brand to Life

The use of videos makes businesses engage their audiences and attract consumers. Refer to these promo video ideas on how you can create your material.

Videos are undoubtedly one of the most effective mediums to communicate your product or service to your target consumers. This is further proven in a Cisco estimate citing that 82% of all consumer Internet traffic will be online video content by 2022. How do you market your business through a video? Check out some of these promo video ideas to effectively unleash your brand.


How Do You Make an Amazing Promo Video?

Creating a terrific promo video, one that your audience will love to watch and share, can be done in a couple of ways. Let's take, for example, the videos uploaded on social channels. Across various social media platforms, videos drive more engagement and interest from target audiences. Here's some of them:

  • YouTube: 68% of users refer to YouTube before deciding to purchase.
  • Facebook: more than 1.25 billion people are on Facebook Watch every month.
  • Twitter: over 2 billion video views each day.
  • TikTok: the newcomer app has already amassed more than $2 billion in lifetime consumer spending.


What made the massive number of users tune in to videos uploaded on these platforms? It's about incorporating qualities that attract people to watch a video. Anything from music to stories helps audiences direct their views towards a fascinating promo video.

We'll get into a few of these promo video ideas from top brands. They work well in narrating their message to their audience. Find out what key elements you can also incorporate in your promotional video.


Make use of music

Catchy tunes have always been a staple in advertising, especially those that you see in T.V. commercials. They energize us once we see those fun videos. In the switch to digital advertising, music also effectively catches attention. Here's a few of them:


Ubisoft Just Dance It Out 

What better way to invite the audience to dance it over than a promotional video featuring a famous pop track. The Just Dance It Out dance game franchise from Ubisoft launches its new features, showcasing diverse characters who use the game. This execution effectively captures different demographics to enjoy and have fun with their game.


Downy Behind Closed Doors 

Infusing a retro-inspired dance track, Downy encapsulates freshness in this promotional video. It aims to portray how clothes stored away in the closet for a long time will smell a new fresh scent by using its product. And it's all done with a highly-entertaining presentation.


Cartier A Celebration of Love 

The luxury jeweler Cartier opted for a minimalist yet charming way of presenting its message of appreciating all kinds of love. Well-known celebrities dancing and lip-syncing to a track invites anyone to watch over this star-studded promo video.


Use animation

Do you have no human model or a huge budget to pay an endorser and want an alternative route? The answer is through animations. You can still retain the human element in the video as animated shorts now use advanced graphics. Get to review some of them:


Chick-Fil-A Whoops to Wonderful 

Annual holiday campaigns are huge in a food establishment like Chick-fil-A. The animated short film lovingly implies the message of looking at the bright side in a wonderfully-made animation complete with remarkable characters.


Panzani Pasta Relive Childhood 

A trip down memory lane to the nostalgia of childhood memories, Panzani Pasta presents a simple animation that looks like it was hand-painted. They incorporated scenes reminiscent of how memorable it is to be a child and invites users to keep the fun alive.


Tell a heartwarming story

It's easier to portray emotions on-screen through a video. Present a thought-provoking video that will make customers get attached to your brand. Some notable examples of affectionate promotional videos include:


Deutsche Telekom The Biggest Gift 

Deutsche Telekom made a moving promo video for its holiday campaign in Budapest. Filming the affectionate interaction between a grandfather and his grandson, their meeting at Christmas, and the preparation of the gift effectively relates a sentimental feeling to its audiences.


De Beers 'I Do' 

Capitalizing on the famous 'I Do' phrase, De Beers amplified the idea of saying I do not just to a loved one but also for one's self and other relationships not necessarily romantic. The poignant presentation reminds audiences that those two words mean a lot. It's more than a wedding vow and how people use a diamond ring.


Make a short film/documentary

Send a message in a way that engages viewers. In about a minute or less, narrate a story that will resonate with your target customers. Companies that went this route are through the following campaigns:


Daring Foods Daring Moves 

Miles Chamley-Watson is at the forefront of this campaign for Daring Foods, a producer of plant-based chicken. They magnified how Miles rose above the status quo in this short documentary. It's a remarkable example of their Daring Moves branding, as Miles himself is not your typical fencing athlete.


Cheekbone Beauty Right the Story 

Cheekbone Beauty collaborated with Sephora Canada to spread the word of representing Indigenous people in the media, showing an empowered and modern view of their culture to the audiences. The short film shows a different narrative from what people usually think about Indigenous individuals.


Trendy and minimalist

If your target demographics are the younger generation - such as Millenials and Gen-Z - trendy videos are your best bet to capture them. Here's a stunning example:


Doku Angpao 

This promo video presents a stylish take on the Chinese New Year as Doku, one of Indonesia's payment apps, introduces its promo for the occasion. The stark red color palette of the video featuring minimalist graphics and trendy execution puts a modern twist to the tradition.


Incorporate humor

And, of course, the age-old strategy for promotional videos: add some humor! A bit of comedy makes the video more enjoyable to watch. Here's one instance of adding a comedic execution:


Kizik Hands Off 

Demonstrating how a product works is possible with a bit of humor. The e-commerce footwear firm Kizik presents its hands-free technology through a promo video that elicits laughter. The company effectively hooks audiences with its hilarious way of promoting a service feature.


What Should I Write in a Promotional Video?

While it's good to capture more eyeballs towards a video, it's also best that you serve value to what they're watching. Whether you have a business or a cause, the video should inform its audiences instead of merely entertaining them.

Include the following to make your promotional video even more effective.


Emphasize the product or service

An important part of promotional videos is how you put your product or service into the spotlight. This is especially challenging in shorter videos, where you only have a couple of seconds or minutes to present your offer.


Explain the benefits of what you offer

Promotional videos work as they're effective in explaining the benefits of your product or service. You can be creative in the direction of the videos in a way that audiences can understand and be amused to watch.


A call to action statement

The purpose of your promo video should be to spur action from the intended audience. Indicate what you want your audience to do after watching the video. Do they need to input a promo code? Head on to the nearest store to buy? Use a compelling CTA that drives consumers to take action.


Need Help With Your Promo Video?

Coming up with promo video ideas, such as outlining the storyboard or crafting an art direction is only the first step towards promoting your brand. You will need to tap the talent of multimedia specialists and video editors to turn those promo video ideas into interesting videos to watch.

Delesign equips organizations with access to skilled video editors and motion graphic artists. No longer is it cost-prohibitive to come up with an impressive promotional video. Whatever promo video ideas you have, Delesign's creative pool of video talent will translate them into stunning video output.