Toogit Review: Is Toogit a Reliable Source of Freelancers?

Published by Raffy Montehermoso on February 02, 2021

If you need someone to do graphic design, develop a website, or be a virtual assistant for your daily tasks, freelancers are accessible nowadays. More than a hundred websites provide the service to connect the client and the job-seeker. One of them is Toogit. Let's find out in this Toogit review how the company can help you hire a freelancer.

Finding a qualified worker to do a particular task is easier these days. Freelancing is fast becoming the norm for individual workers looking for an independent job.

According to Nasdaq, a projected 43% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers in 2020. Meanwhile, in Asia, the co-founder of Sourga Ventures Shareen Shariza Abdul Ghani said that 40 percent of a company's workers are going to be on an as-needed basis. She states this will happen by 2024.

So, how do you find a freelancer to work on your project? Established websites such as Upwork or Freelancer are familiar choices. However, you might want to try newer options such as Toogit. Go over this Toogit review to see if the freelancing website fits your business.

What is Toogit?

Toogit is a platform where you can hire a freelancer. The name stands for Top Online Gurus for Instant Technology and is operated by Toogit Solutions Private Limited. It acts as an online marketplace of services from various skilled workers.

A diverse pool of talent is available in Toogit. Some of them include Android developers, user interface designers, data scientists, and many other experts in their field. Toogit claims to have around 400,000 freelancers, according to their website.

How Toogit Works

Toogit provides an avenue for you to collaborate with an independent worker. 64% of freelancers looking for a job found it online, and Toogit is one of the websites aiming to be your source of a freelancer.

As a platform to find a freelancer, Toogit works pretty much the same as similar websites providing the service. You will need to post a project or search for a skilled worker.

While it has the usual functions, Toogit differentiates some of its processes from other freelancing portals.

Signing up as a Client

If you have a Google or LinkedIn account, you may use it to register on Toogit. It works for both clients and freelancers.

Alternatively, you can also use your email then an activation message is sent to activate your account. A link to verify will then let you choose between two options. Select the "I want to hire" button to sign-up as a client. No fee is collected when you sign-up in Toogit.

Purchasing a Freelance Service

Toogit has a unique buying and selling model when choosing freelance services. They have a listing of specific skills that a freelancer can do for your business.

The client becomes the buyer of the service, whereas the freelancer is the seller of his or her services. If a specific task that you're looking for is available, you can easily click on a buy button. It works the same way you would buy a product online, except that you're purchasing a freelance service.

Hiring Local Freelancers

Hiring freelancers from a particular country is possible with Toogit. They have a dedicated page to choose freelancers located in a country that you prefer to hire.

To take it further, each country listed has specific regions to select. Hence, searching for a freelancer near your area can also be done with Toogit.

Custom Contract

The display of available freelance services is a fast and easy way to get a job done. However, for more complex tasks, you can email Toogit to set a custom contract between you and the freelancer you would like to hire.

Toogit Review: Pros and Cons


Aside from the goal of hiring a freelancer, the platform has several features to support a business.

  • Instant Connect
  • Toogit has a feature called Instant Connect to address issues in terms of looking for a skilled freelancer.

    It can be frustrating to browse hundreds, if not even thousands, of freelancers to see which ones are qualified. Posting a job ad will also mean you get all sorts of candidates, some of whom may not be the right fit.

    To avoid wasting the time of both parties, Toogit automatically recommends applicants for your job post. They will match the skillset and the budget that you set against the freelancer's profile. Instant Connect is useful for urgent projects, though it comes at a cost and is not a free Toogit feature.

  • Project Management Tool
  • The majority of freelance websites only connect you to the freelancer, and it's up to you to manage your project. Toogit, however, provides a free project management tool.

    A dashboard lets you assign tasks with details, deadlines, and priority settings. There's a built-in chat application for instant communication. Managing invoices and work hours are also available. All these functions are for free with no hidden charges to the client who signs up.

  • Toogit Payment and Invoicing
  • Clients do not have to pay any fees to Toogit. The charges that the client has to shoulder are for the payment gateway transactions. They have three available payment gateways to choose from, shown in the list below with corresponding charges.

    1. CCAvenue - 2.5%
    2. PayU - 3%
    3. PayPal - 5%

    There's no need to sign-up for an account to any of the payment channels. Toogit does the work on behalf of the client, transferring your payment to the freelancer's account. Whether you need to make single or multiple payments, invoicing in Toogit is also fully customizable.


  • Track Record
  • Launched in 2016, Toogit is still a new company when compared to other providers. It makes you doubt if Toogit is indeed a legitimate site to hire a freelancer.

    Their website states a few companies who have Toogit freelancers working for them. Some of them are Swedish furniture rental business Beleco and Dynamo, a Stockholm-based mobile development company.

    Is Toogit Reliable?

    Freelancer Ratings

    A rating is included in the profile of the freelancer to make it easy for you to assess their credibility and work ethic. The ratings come from clients they've worked with on Toogit.

    Another unique detail about these ratings is that a freelancer may also import their review and rating from other sources, such as Upwork. Thus, even if a freelancer is new to Toogit, you can still review what they were able to accomplish from previous portals.

    Fraud Protection

    Toogit assures secure payment processing. For the client, you only pay once you're satisfied with the freelancer's output, and the project is complete. There's also payment protection for the freelancer to make sure they get paid.

    The Future of Freelancing

    A lot of businesses are now working with freelancers. In the second quarter of 2020, freelance job postings increased by 41%. There's also a 25% growth in the freelance job market between April to June 2020. These figures from DDIY show a growing trend of more clients hiring a freelancer, fueling demand for more self-employed workers.

    Previously, well-known freelancing websites have prioritized profits, seeking to cash out from every client and freelancer action on their website.

    Toogit wants to change the game, even aiming for a 0% commission for freelancers. Consequently, this might attract more freelancers to join Toogit in the future, providing you with more choices on who to hire.

    To conclude, Toogit is an up and coming portal for you to find a freelancer to work on your project. The business is rising to the challenges of freelancing with a distinct service platform that may benefit your business.

    Another option when hiring a freelancer is through a subscription model. Frequently posting a job ad or a project might be too much work for you, particularly for minor tasks only. For your design needs, Delesign is one of the providers who will assign a designer to work on your project. You only have to pay a definite amount every month to finish every single one of your design duties.

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