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Toptal vs Fiverr: Battle of Platforms in Hiring Employees

Deciding on what platform to use in searching for the most qualified applicant can be rigorous. Whether a small business or an enterprise, companies should consider to make a comparison of a few freelance marketplaces.

Deciding on what platform to use in searching for the most qualified applicant can be rigorous. Whether a small business or an enterprise, companies should consider to make a comparison of a few freelance marketplaces. An overview of the advantages of using digital platforms could be a huge deciding factor. A brief differentiation of the two most commonly used platforms, Toptal vs Fiverr, will then be discussed in this article.

Types of freelancers, benefits and features, vetting process, pricing, and user feedback are only a few of the several criteria that need evaluation. These criteria help clients weigh which platform is better than the other. Both Toptal and Fiverr have their unique features that set them apart from various sites. Companies like Delesign consider these criteria in deciding on the best platform to use in recruiting their talents.


How to connect with Freelancers: Toptal vs Fiverr

On Toptal, clients submit a job description for a position or service that they need. Toptal’s team of experts connects with them to have a clear understanding of their needs. Then, the company will receive a notification with the status of the request. The notification will indicate whether there is an available freelancer or if the evaluation of the qualified candidate is still ongoing. If there are available freelancers, Toptal sends a recommendation to the clients to work with them for a no-risk trial period. Toptal can quickly connect clients with applicants in less than 48 hours.

On Fiverr, clients can search for “sellers” who have the required qualifications. For instance, if a client wants to hire someone who can design artworks for them, they can indicate “design” or any keyword on the search bar and then modify the filter options. It then allows the client to view freelancers with matching descriptions.

Companies can use the filter options according to category, service options, seller details, budget, and delivery time.


Types of Freelancers: Toptal vs Fiverr

Toptal connects clients with freelancers who are either developers, designers, financial experts, product managers, or project managers. The freelancers are experts in their domain and have gone through the Toptal screening process.

An estimation of only 3% of the applicants in Toptal successfully pass the five-step evaluation. It guarantees that the clients match with the most qualified talents.

On Fiverr, clients can search for freelancers who offer their services in graphic designing, digital marketing, writing, video editing, programming, business, and lifestyle topics.

Freelancers in Fiverr are classified according to qualifications that clients require for a job. The buyers can view the seller’s details such as seller level, language, location, service packages, average response time, and reviews. The clients can also filter these details to match the description of their needed service.


Benefits and features: Toptal vs Fiverr


Connection with top talents

Clients have access to the most qualified talents on Toptal. These talents undergo a five-step screening process to assess their fluency in English, personality, technical skills, communications skills. Then, a test project is given to the applicants to measure their professionalism and expertise in their chosen domain. As a result, only 3% of the applicants successfully pass the Toptal Screening process.

Talents in Toptal have a maintained track of excellence, thus giving the clients a guarantee of high-quality outputs and services.

Quick Hiring

Toptal connects clients with applicants in less than 48 hours. The talents have already undergone the screening process of Toptal, thus removing any tedious recruitment task for the clients. Toptal assures that the candidates are compatible with the requesting company’s work culture and environment. It then permits the smooth integration of the talents into teams.

Team Dynamics Flexibility

Clients can choose to stop using the services of the talents as fast as they hired them. Due to the no-risk trial period given by Toptal, clients can decide if they would prefer to continue with the applicant’s services or not.

Top talents are knowledgeable in various project management tools that allow them to integrate easily into the company’s team.

Remote and on-site talents

Freelancers can work in remote locations. However, their working schedule will depend on the client’s preference.

Also, there is a relocation process of Toptal for applicants who need to work on-site. It takes only a week, allowing the clients to work with applicants immediately.

No-risk trial

Toptal provides companies with a no-risk trial period. It allows them to assess if the recommended applicant is a good fit for the offered position. The clients can opt to either continue with the talent’s service or to be connected with another applicant.

Comparing the features of Toptal vs Fiverr allows clients to have a basis for deciding on what marketplace to use.


Multi-category product searches

Freelancers provide their services from major categories- graphics and design, digital marketing, writing, and translation. Others include video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech, business, lifestyle, and industries. These categories are further classified into sub-categories to provide buyers with a refined search.

Transparency of Seller’s Information

Fiverr provides a display of the seller’s information. It allows the clients to view details such as seller level, service rates, delivery time, and feedback. Thus, it provides the employer with clear expectations about the person whom they will be hiring for the position.

Filtered Seller Search

This feature allows the clients to choose the level of the freelancer. Seller levels are classified into four-Top-rated, Level 1, Level 2, and new sellers.

This type of classification is based on the freelancer’s job completion status and ratings. The service fee also varies and depends on the seller’s skills and performance reviews.

Secure personal details

Fiverr maintains the confidentiality of the client’s information. It gives only the necessary details to the sellers for them to learn more about a potential client.

Safe payment with multiple payment methods

Fiverr ensures that all financial transactions within the platform are safe. It gives assurance to the clients that no information gets compromised. Modes of payment include Paypal, credit card, and other electronic payment methods.


Pricing: Toptal vs Fiverr

On Toptal, clients can take advantage of the no-risk trial period in which they can assess the capabilities of a potential employee. If they are satisfied with the service, the clients will be charged for the time and continue working with the talent. Otherwise, the client won’t be charged with any fees for any unsatisfactory results.

Toptal requires clients to make an initial deposit of $500 once they hire an applicant. Should the clients decide not to proceed with the hiring process due to unsatisfactory results, Toptal will be refunding them with a full amount.

Pricing for the talents’ services on Toptal varies according to the form of employment and area of expertise. Price ranges from $60/hour up to $6,000/week.

On Fiverr, pricing on services or gigs starts at $5/job order. The cost for service may depend on the applicant’s seller level. Available payments include credit or debit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, wire transfer, among others.


User feedback and reviews: Toptal vs Fiverr

Finances Online compared Toptal vs Fiverr based on features, convenience, and customer service. This free online review platform uses the Smart Score Ranking System to evaluate various freelance marketplaces. According to Finances Online, Toptal has a SmartScore of 9.3, whereas Fiverr got 9.8.

However, based on user satisfaction, a 100% rating was given to Toptal vs Fiverr that has 98%. It is based on Finances Online’s Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that gathers data across all social media platforms.

Comparison between various freelance platforms can be a basis for companies like Delesign. As a graphic designing service trusted by many, Delesign ensures that only the highly-skilled graphic designers join its teams.

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