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Where to Post Your Startup Online: For Every Startup Business Model

Where to Post Your Startup Online? A List for Every Startup Business Model to do initial promotion and get some visibility...

Where to Post Your Startup Online: For Every Startup Business Model. Promoting and doing an initial promotion to at least get some visibility on the web for your startup business is a lot of work. You can promote your startup business through email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, referral programs, etc. but there are also many other platforms that you can utilize to reach your market. While there are many other platforms available to help you engage with your target users, some would require you to spend money to for them to list your business to get exposure. Luckily, there are also many free platforms and directories where you can kickoff your startup.

Online Startup
Kickoff your startup by posting it to directories and review sites

Building some domain authority for your application by driving traffic to your web application should be your primary goal. Posting your startup to directories and subreddits is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks. There are many startup directories and review sites. Here is a list of active sites/platforms sorted by domain and page authority for all the websites to promote your startup and build some domain authority.

Why Submit Your Startup to Directories?

Startup Directories
Posting your startup to directories as an an initial promotion to get some visibility

You should consider submitting your startup to various startup directories and review sites for initial promotion. Directories and review sites are the best places to post your startup and get feedback, early adopters, and web visibility.

Consider submitting your startup to these directories and review sites. This may be one of the most important strategies to promote your business concept and gain early user traction.

Things to Consider Before Listing Your Startup

1. Good and Bad Directories

Avoid negative PPC links. Web pages should contain mostly content rather than links. However, even though there aren’t too many links or bad links, there are still pages that contain a great amount of spam. are bound to come next.

2. Relevant Placements

Before listing your startup on available directories online, you must first decide on which directories you’d want your startup to appear. There are a lot of directories online, but it’s always important to be on relevant ones.

3. Ensure Calls-to-Action are in Place

Let your customers take action by providing them with relevant information as well as attractive offers once they visit your website. You have to educate them on the value of your product or service. Provide information, explain the benefits of purchasing it, and let them know how to purchase it.

4. Over Abundance of Ads

Try to avoid sites that have more ads than content. Just like with having a lot of links, there should be a bigger ratio of content to ads for it to be considered as a good directory.

5. Poorly Written Content

Aside from avoiding websites with a lot of links and ads, you must also check if they have good content. Chances are, those websites that have poorly written content are using “spun” content-content modified by a software that replaces the words in the content to make it look original.

Directories and Review Sites For Every Startup Business Model

URL Domain Authority Category
https://www.reddit.com/r/alphaandbetausers/ (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
https://www.reddit.com/r/coupons/ (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
https://www.reddit.com/r/design_critiques/ (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
http://reddit.com/r/entrepreneur (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
https://www.reddit.com/r/indiebiz/ (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
https://www.reddit.com/r/ladybusiness/ (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
https://www.reddit.com/r/roastmystartup (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
https://www.reddit.com/r/shamelessplug/ (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
http://reddit.com/r/sideproject (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
https://www.reddit.com/r/smallbusiness/ (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
http://reddit.com/r/startups (Subreddit) 91 Promotion Forum
http://www.addictivetips.com/ Addictive Tips 88 Promotion
http://www.allmyfaves.com/ 58 Directory
http://www.allstartups.info/Startups/Submit 32 Directory
http://alltopstartups.com/submit-startup/ 53 Promotion
http://alternativeto.net/ 88 Promotion / Directory
https://angel.co/join 86 Directory
http://appadvice.com/page/about-us 87 Promotion / Directory
http://www.appappeal.com/contact/suggest 50 Directory
https://apprater.net/add/ 26 Review / Promotion
http://appcrawlr.com/ 70 Directory
http://appiod.com/submit-app-for-review/ 21 Review Site
http://www.apppicker.com/ 57 Promotion / Directory
http://apps400.com/submit-your-application-for-review 41 Review Site
http://appslisto.com/submit-your-app/ 19 Promotion / Review / Directory
http://appsmamma.com/submit-your-app/ 24 Promotion / Review / Directory
http://www.appsmirror.com/submit-your-app-for-review 30 Review Site
http://appsthunder.com/submit-your-app/ 22 Review Site
http://getapp.com/ 70 Review / Directory
http://www.appvita.com/ 36 Review Site
http://www.appzapp.net/en/app-review-request/ 46 Review Site
http://arcticstartup.com/ 60 Promotion
http://www.betabound.com/announce/ 52 Promotion
https://betapage.co/ 43 Promotion
https://www.betafy.co/easysignup/startup 29 Promotion / Directory
https://betalist.com/submit 61 Promotion
https://beterest.com/submit-startup/ 12 Promotion
http://www.builtinchicago.org/send-us-tip 67 Promotion
http://www.capterra.com/vendors/sign-up 74 Directory
http://www.cloudshowplace.com/add-your-company/ 32 Directory
https://upload.cnet.com/ 94 Promotion
https://www.collaborizm.com 39 Promotion
http://www.crazyaboutstartups.com/index.php/share-your-startup-form 38 Promotion
https://vendor.crozdesk.com/user/signup 44 Directory
https://www.crunchbase.com/#/home/index 91 Directory
http://www.cssmania.com/submit/ 47 Directory
https://www.designernews.co/ 57 Promotion
https://www.discovercloud.com/become-a-vendor 37 Directory
https://betatesting.com/beta-testing 44 Promotion
http://www.f6s.com/ 72 Promotion
https://feedmyapp.com/submit/ 46 Promotion / Directory
https://www.g2crowd.com/products/new 74 Review Site
http://geekwire.com/startup-list/ 88 Directory
https://getworm.com/submit-startup 31 Promotion
https://www.gust.com 72 Promotion
https://in.thehackerstreet.com/ 35 Promotion
https://www.helpareporter.com/sources/ 61 Promotion
http://ideahunt.io/ 35 Promotion
https://inc42.com/startup-submission/ 75 Promotion
https://index.co/startup 55 Promotion
http://killerstartups.com/submit-startup/ 59 Promotion
https://land-book.com/guidelines 42 Promotion
https://launchlister.com/submit-startup 26 Promotion
https://launched.io/SubmitStartup 26 Promotion
http://www.makeuseof.com/about/ 88 Promotion
http://momb.socio-kybernetics.net/about 47 Promotion / Directory
https://www.netted.net/contact-us/ 49 Promotion
http://www.new-startups.com/submit/ 44 Promotion
http://nextbigproduct.net/product-submission/ 30 Review / Directory
http://nextbigwhat.com/ 59 Promotion
https://www.owler.com/ 61 Promotion
http://www.paggu.com/submit-your-startup/ 39 Promotion
http://www.pfind.com/submit 34 Review / Directory
http://about.postscapes.com/tools 57 Directory
http://www.preapps.com/ 47 Promotion
http://www.producthunt.com/ 88 Promotion / Directory
https://www.publicityx.com/startups/new 22 Directory
http://tools.robingood.com/ 35 Directory
https://news.ycombinator.com/showhn.html 85 Promotion
https://www.sideprojectors.com 38 Promotion
https://www.techpocket.org/ 59 Promotion
https://www.similarsitesearch.com/webmaster/ 47 Promotion / Directory
https://www.slant.co/ 57 Directory
https://www.snapmunk.com/submit-your-startup/ 50 Directory
http://springwise.com/tipus/ 70 Directory
http://stackshare.io/ 54 Directory
https://startupbase.io/submit 20 Promotion
http://startupbeat.com/startup-beat-featured-startup-pitch-guidelines/ 47 Promotion
http://startupbuffer.com 39 Promotion
http://startupcollections.com/ 35 Directory
http://startupdope.com/submit-news/ 39 Promotion
https://www.startupinspire.com/submit 24 Promotion / Directory
http://www.startuplift.com/ 42 Promotion / Directory
http://www.startupranking.com/ 51 Promotion / Directory
https://startupresources.io 39 Promotion / Directory
http://startupstash.com/ 49 Directory
http://startup88.com/ 38 Promotion
http://www.startupblink.com/ 48 Directory
http://stateoftech.net/advertise?submit-an-app-for-review 39 Review Site
https://mix.com/mixit?su=submit&url= 81 Promotion
https://www.tapscape.com/ 59 Promotion
https://techcrunch.com/got-a-tip/ 94 Promotion
http://techfaster.com/submit-your-company/ 45 Promotion
http://thetechmap.com/ 32 Directory
http://www.techpluto.com/submit-a-startup/ 40 Review / Promotion
http://techattitude.com/contact/ 35 Promotion
https://www.bestappsforkids.com/ 52 Promotion / Directory
http://thestartuppitch.com/post-a-pitch/ 42 Promotion
http://www.topsimilarsites.com/add.aspx 34 Promotion / Directory
https://www.trustradius.com/ 55 Review Site
http://www.vator.tv/ 64 Promotion / Directory
http://vbprofiles.com/ 51 Directory
http://venturebeat.com/news-tips/ 92 Promotion
http://www.webapprater.com/webapprater-free-app-review 36 Review Site
https://news.ycombinator.com/ 85 Promotion Forum
https://ww2.younoodle.com/startups/ 61 Promotion

In the early stages of your startup, you may not have a lot of money to spend on marketing. Other than spending, there are other effective ways to get your startup out there. We now live in a digital world and there are now all kinds of opportunities found on the web—you just need to know where to look. The strategy of submitting your startup to directories can be very helpful and powerful at the same time. You will however find that there are many directories for every startup business model listed online, and that most of these directories are quickly abandoned. We checked the list we provided in this article one by one to make sure that they are all active.

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