Why Should I Create Content?

Maria Waida April 14, 2019

Most entrepreneurs have heard this simple advice: “Create content!” But before you dive headfirst into blog posts, YouTube videos and Instagram stories, you need to know why you should even begin this labor intensive process in the first place.

Why should I create content?

Creating content helps your audience know that you are an expert in your subject matter. So much so that you’ve written your own e-book and offer a whole email newsletter campaign, for example. A brand that isn’t afraid to provide real value while showing off its expansive knowledge base is the true champion of content marketing.

Creating content also boosts your SEO and online reach over time. When you first start out you might not see an instant stream of traffic to your site but stay the course – Google rewards consistently updated, value-rich posts. Over time you’ll see your unique visitor numbers double or even triple!

Another reason why you should create content is because you’re the only you (cue “Awes” from the audience). In all seriousness, your unique voice is worthy of sharing and can provide a lot of value to your audience so don’t be shy about it.  

Why is original content in such high demand?

For starters, original content will help you stay at the forefront of your audience’s minds when important news or trends emerge within your niche. This will further establish your brand as reliable and worthy of leadership.

The other, more obvious reason is people are just tired of seeing the same 10 things online every day so do them a favor and spice up their feed!

What types of content should I focus on?

Research tells us that approximately 65% of all humans are visual learners so content such as blog posts, videos, and design-focused posts should be your highest priority. A good place to start would be hiring a graphic designer.

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