Why Successful Business Owners Delegate

Published by Maria Waida on October 01, 2019

Learning how to delegate is a critical skill all entrepreneurs must learn. The only problem is you’ve come this far on your own and your innate DIY skills combined with being reluctant to let go make for a deadly combination. Once your business reaches a certain point you’ll need to learn the power of trusting others to take some up some of the workload. One of the most common high-value tasks that requires delegation is graphic design.

Outsourcing your graphic design needs to an affordable and convenient company can drastically improve your business in many ways. First, it’s important to note that you probably don’t have a background in this incredibly specific skill set but you do know that practically everything you need to create for marketing and sales requires some kind of design element.

You can spend weeks teaching yourself how to design but it can take years to actually get good at it.

Even if you do have experience in this field you’re likely well aware that truly appealing designs are effortful and can be taxing on your mental capacity when you already have so much on your plate. Enter delegation.  

Not only will delegating the all important task of graphic design save you time it will also save you the frustrations that come along with any technical project. These include resizing images, making sure files are formatted correctly, adjusting color hues and placement for various platforms, etc. Instead, imagine what it would be like to see a need, place an order, and get your original design perfectly optimized for you by your own dedicated professional graphic designer. No more hair-pulling… for this task at least.

And regardless of what industry you’re in, delegating or outsourcing graphic design or other skilled labor tasks will ultimately allow you to focus on what you’re best at – making money. Chances are the tasks you need to do day-to-day provide a higher rate of return than the time-consuming yet critical checklist items a graphic designer could easily handle for you. In order to grow your business, you’ll need to scale. The only way to scale is to find others that you can give some of your responsibilities to.

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Maria Waida

Maria lives in Los Angeles and is the founder of SaaSy Copywriting.