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Wix Email Marketing

Wix Email Marketing. As a business, one of the biggest asset that you are going to have is a focused email list. This allows you to connect and engage.


Wix Email Marketing Dashboard


Wix Email Marketing. As a business, one of the biggest asset that you're going to have is a focused email list. Building an email list should be a priority as it allows you to:

  • Get your products or service seen by more people
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Send newsletters and special announcements
  • Promote a new product or service, or a new feature of an existing product
  • Provide important product or service updates
  • Send invitations to your events

Email used to be the main communication channel between families and friends, but email is being used less for personal reasons now, and is being utilized more for business reasons making email marketing a very effective method for selling products and services. Email has the highest conversion rate, and your email marketing is at its best when your email campaign is personalised, meaning, it is relevant to your recipients' interest.

Email Marketing

Wix has made it easier for its users to create, send, and manage their professional email marketing campaigns. You start by picking a template, then adding your content, selecting your contacts, and finally sending your campaign. Wix's professional email template collection has ready-made layouts and styles designed for every type of message, and allows you to customize your email’s fonts, images, videos and more in just minutes.

Email Marketing Templates

Email Marketing Templates

Wix Dashboard

Wix Email Marketing Key Features

  • Customizable Styles?
  • Hand-Picked Templates
  • Easy Contact Integration
  • Social Media Tools?
  • Stats Tracker?

Wix Email Marketing allows smarter yet easier email marketing process, and empowers small businesses to communicate and engage with customers using designer-made templates that look great across all devices, intuitive editor, and must-have email marketing tools. The email marketing dashboard is user-friendly with a simple and intuitive interface. It is easy to naigate through the editor, and use different tools available to help you customize your email campaign.

Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign Through Wix

  1. Identify Your Goal
  2. Have a Clear Call-To-Action
  3. Plan Your Design
  4. Add Stunning Images

The best part about using Wix Email Marketing is that it's completely free. You can benefit from the many great features it offers with no obligation to purchase a Premium Plan. You can send a total of 5,000 individual emails over the course of 3 campaigns each month. One email address getting all three email campaigns will count as three emails towards the monthly total. The monthly allotment resets on the first of every month, regardless of which day of the month your first email campaign was sent.

Email should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is a powerful tool to connect and engage with your prospective and existing customers. Moreover, email marketing can also help drive traffic to your website. There are many email marketing services now helping businesses fulfill their needs and requirements. The features and price of these services are mostly the same. Other relevant services such as web hosting offer email marketing as an additional service or feature from within their website, just like Wix. Wix Email Marketing allows Wix users to create and send emails to their mailing list. It helps users plan and manage their professional email marketing campaigns. If you are a Wix customer and you wish to run email marketing campaigns, then you can benefit a lot from this tool because it's smart, direct, easy, and it's free!

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