How Delesign saved 12South Marketing, a professional marketing agency, $52k/year and provided unlimited scalability.

Feb 08, 2022

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How Delesign saved 12South Marketing, a professional marketing agency, $52k/year and provided unlimited scalability.

About 12SouthMarketing

12South Marketing works with growth-stage entrepreneurs who are trying to break through marketing speed bumps that cannot be handled with internal teams. Usually, this involves developing new or updated websites and landing pages, developing strong marketing creatives for social media campaigns, and ensuring their brand look and feel is maintained across all their campaigns.

Industry: Agencies, Sales, Non-Profit, Online and E-Commerce, Health and Wellness, Design, Professional Services

Michael Shoup

Quick turnaround times, quality work. I always wake up with some progress from the previous day.

Michael Shoup

CEO of 12South Marketing

The Challenge

I was ready to test Delesign but prepared for it to be underwhelming as had been the case with previous similar services. - Michael Shoup

The 12South Marketing team was struggling to fill the needs of producing ad creatives (images, short videos) for a client that was looking to expand their ad campaigns.

12South Marketing was looking to partner up with a team that could work inside Canva or generate assets that could be uploaded to their Canva library to be tweaked or resized. In 2021, Michael discovered Delesign through an ad on Facebook. “I got served a great ad on FB :) We're in advertising so I pay attention to ads from other brands.”.

Michael had tried many similar design services in the past, where the design quality he was receiving was below his standards.They were used to receiving underwhelming outputs and slow turnaround time from other design services and were tired of wasting money trying out other service only to be disappointed with their work and not be able to use their designs. Having seen Delesign’s ad, he decided to give the service a try.

The Solution

Delesign delivered exceptional designs while they sleep.

‘Quick turnaround times, quality work. I always wake up with some progress from the previous day.” - Michael Shoup

After signing up to Delesign and going through their onboarding process, Michael and his team were matched to their dedicated designer, Enrico. Through this schedule, they are able to submit their projects and feedback to their designer during the day, and wake up the next morning with a completed project.

They have been with their ‘night shift’ designer ever since they partnered with Delesign which resulted in their workforce being expanded. 12SM was now effectively working 24 hours a day with their design team, Delesign, working while the rest of their team were sleeping. This saved them time, resulting in greater productivity and delivering their client services quicker.

Delesign provided them with cost-efficient design service and unlimited scalability

“Unlimited scalability. Expansion to a 24hr workforce…” - Michael Shoup

When they signed up, 12South Marketing only took advantage of Delesign’s design service. However, as their needs grew, they saw an opportunity to delegate their development needs to Delesign, and eventually signed up to their development service. Depending on 12South Marketing’s design and development needs, they were also able to add multiple subscriptions and be assigned to different designers and developers with a wide variety of specializations providing them with unlimited opportunities to scale their business.

Their Delesign designer created solid designs that still surprises them every time they make a design request.

“Solid designs… I love that we get to know our actual dedicated designer, and he gets to know our needs better and better as we work together more” - Michael Shoup

As Michael worked with Enrico, their dedicated designer, he’s able to even dig deeper into 12South Marketing’s brand. As they work together from one project to another, Enrico provides even better output and still surprises Michael with stunning designs every time he makes a design request.

Having a dedicated designer saved them plenty of time in explaining the style they wanted since their designer mastered their branding and preferences.

As noted when he signed up, Delesign matched him with a dedicated designer who is flexible to generate assets on Canva or create assets that can be uploaded to their Canva library to be easily modified.

Michael and their whole marketing team has always been confident working with their Delesign designer.

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per year saved!

The Results

12South Marketing has received solid and stunning designs from Delesign. They’ve also scaled their business with the use of Delesign’s design and development service and they have unlimited opportunities to scale in the future as they’re able to add multiple subscriptions depending on their needs. They were able to expand to a 24-hour workforce as their own marketing team worked in the day and their Delesign team worked at night. Their dedicated designer did not only meet Michael’s expectations, but exceeded them. They have always been impressed with how quick Delesign’s turnaround times are and how stunning their designs get every time they submit a design request.

Top 3 biggest benefits of working with Delesign based on Michael Shoup's experience:

  1. Unlimited scalability.

  2. Expansion to a 24hr workforce.

  3. Solid designs.

Michael Shoup

CEO of 12South Marketing

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