How Delesign empowered iThemes’ marketing team to do even more

Feb 06, 2022

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How Delesign empowered iThemes’ marketing team to do even more

About iThemes

iThemes provides all the essential tools that companies need for awesome WordPress websites. Since 2008, they’ve been building all the foundational tools for WordPress. From backups to security to site management, they are your one-stop shop for all the foundational tools for WordPress.

Industry: Marketing agency, SaaS, Wordpress development and plugins

Michael Shoup

We weren't sure we could get the quality of design we needed.

Kristen Wright

Marketing Director of iThemes

The Challenge

As iThemes’ client base grew, they needed more graphic design help from video editing, infographics, logos, social media and blog images and more. Their team is composed of highly-skilled people but they do not have an in-house designer. Kristen, their marketing director, had to focus on more important tasks and had to hire a creative partner to work with their graphic design needs but wanted to make sure about the quality of designs that they’ll be receiving.

The Solution

Provided creative and experienced designers

“Delesign has empowered our marketing team to do even more by having our own "in house" design team. Delesign has been such a pleasure to work with as they surprise us daily with their creativity, quick turnaround, and clear communication.” - Kristen Wright

After signing up to our service and completing our onboarding process, we were able to assign Kristen to the perfect designer that matched iThemes’ niche, needs and preferences. Our team made sure that they’ll be directly working with someone who has extended experience in the same field and is specialized in the design types that they need. They were able to use this as a leverage since doing so led to their designer providing them with relevant, superior and in-brand designs from scratch.

Provided fast turnaround times and excellent communication

“We're always pleased with the designs we get back. The process is quick and the designers have excellent communication skills.” - Kristen Wright

Aside from getting creative designs from their dedicated designer, iThemes also received daily design outputs through our fast turnaround times. Their dedicated designer always knew what iThemes needed since they’ve been directly working with one designer and their designer knows their brand well. Our designers respond to feedback and revisions within 1 business day and even less. On top of that, most simple designs can be completed within 2 hours or 1 working day saving their marketing team a lot of time and money compared to hiring someone per job.

We lessen the risk of trying a designer/service out

Through our 15-day money-back guarantee, Kristen was able to try our service risk-free for 15-days before committing. Not only that, since our team is composed of top-notch designers, we were able to make sure that iThemes would be matched with a designer that would best fit their needs (and proudly we did!). In any case that our initial match wasn’t perfect, we have other designers that we can match them with, making their trial fool-proof.

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Hours of Design Saved

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per year saved!

The Results

Since 2020, Delesign has served as iThemes’ ‘in-house’ designer and creative partner. We have empowered their marketing team to do more by matching them with our talented multimedia specialists, solving all of their graphic design needs and providing them with all of their daily outputs with fast turnaround times.

Top 3 biggest benefits of working with Delesign based on Kristen’s experience:

  1. We solved many of our graphic design needs

  2. We get daily design output.

  3. The project process is quick and easy.

Kristen Wright

Marketing Director of iThemes

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