How N3tworth, a brand management company, outsourced to Delesign to scale their business

Feb 16. 2022

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How N3tworth, a brand management company, outsourced to Delesign to scale their business

About N3tworth

N3tworth is a professional graphic design, website design, marketing and brand management company that provides a wide variety of marketing services. Through their team of virtual assistants, they help businesses who are serious about expanding their market target base and growing their on and offline presence. They have been trusted by startups everywhere across various niches.

N3tworth uses graphic design to help clients make more money by providing them with everything they need for ongoing visual branding, web and app design, end-user support and marketing. They provide an array of marketing services from logo branding to advertising videos, email and social media marketing, reputation management and more.

Industry: B2B, Agency, professional graphic design, website design, marketing and brand management company

“I was entirely wrong about outsourcing!” “Gone are the days where I have to manage multiple teams separately.”

Nikol’ Moira

CEO/Creative Director of N3tworth

The Challenge

After undergoing mentorship from a millionaire marketing guru, N3tworth was finally on the right path, growing and learning industry ins and outs. This catapulted clientele and gave much needed perspective and direction. With new found glory, N3tworth rebranded, started taking on bigger clients, and hiring new talent. This burst of energy trickled down to clients, generating hundreds of thousands of revenue for them!

Three years of operating, the company decided pricing structures, realizing that customers preferred all-inclusive packages instead of hiring for each necessity. However, this meant that Nikol needed a team on her end that was equally flexible based on the demand.

As she continued to expand her business, she was challenged to look into teaming up with equally impressive third-party vendors for services beyond her reach. Managing multiple teams separately had been one of N3tworth’s struggles as partnering with other vendors required managing and communicating with them on different platforms.

In 2021, Nikol was in need of 3 different logos to pitch for one of their clients’ company rebranding, and having a trusted designing partner for her was critical. That’s when N3tworth came across Delesign.

What we did

Nikol was skeptical about the quality of outputs and communication that she might receive because outsourcing was new for them. However, she decided to try Delesign and submitted her first project, expecting it to be submitted in 3 business days. To her surprise, her designer was able to submit her first draft within a day!

Fast turnaround time:

Our designers and developers with fast turnaround times provided top notch designs and outputs that allowed N3tworth to affordably scale without sacrificing quality.

“This was my first time hiring and outsourcing and it took me 5 years to even go down this path. I thought the quality and communication between myself and the hired team wouldn't be up to par and my clients would be able to tell.” - Nikol’ Moira

The speedy turnaround time and exceptional design quality was a win for N3tworth. Nikol already knew that she would love her designer, Jessica, the first time that she had seen her output and her first impression was that she was fast and fantastic.

With Delesign, Nikol was able to submit any design type and development output that she needed without having to hire different designers. She could guarantee fast turnaround times and trust the quality of output she was receiving.

Provided highly skilled designers and developers:

Delesigns designers and developers brought to the table the expertise that Nikol didn’t have.

“I was entirely wrong about outsourcing! Delesign catches my vision as if it were me doing the work, in fact, they bring to the table expertise that I don't even have! I wish I would have know about them so much sooner but at least now I can spread the good news to other business owners.” - Nikol’ Moira

Although all Delesign designers and developers are trained and are capable of creating outputs within their scopes, since a designer and developer couldn’t be an expert in all design/development types, Delesign offered Nikol the flexibility to be assigned to a designer/developer with a specific expertise that you need and then the ability to have it changed anytime.

For example, if she needed a designer who’s an expert in web design this month and then at a later time, she needed someone who is an expert in video editing, Delesign was happy to match her with our best available multimedia specialist who has expertise in the needed design type. This allowed N3tworth to add more flexibility to what they offered their clients and how they met their needs to help them succeed.

Easy communication:

Our well-designed and seamless dashboard made collaborating and delegating effortless between their team and ours.

“The best thing about Delesign is the team dashboard. Gone are the days where I have to manage multiple teams separately. Everyone, including those outside of the Delesign organization, can use the dashboard and collaborate together. I can delegate and direct with ease AND the team works together. It's pure business ownership bliss!” - Nikol’ Moira

With Delesign’s easy-to-use ‘Go’ platform, Nikol and her whole team were able to effortlessly collaborate and directly communicate with her designers and developers. She was able to add an unlimited number of team members, whether they are within her team or from other third-party vendors, making collaboration and delegation organized, effortless and smooth for everyone.

Being part of the brand:

One of the great things about using Delesign is that we match our clients with a dedicated designer. We made sure that we got to know our N3tworth’s brand, vision and mission well and then we matched them with the designer that would match their style and preferences. We’re glad that Nikol and Jessica were a perfect match and as of writing, they’re still working together, having fun creating logos, Canva templates, website mockups and more!

Another great thing about N3tworth working with Jessica, their dedicated designer, is that the longer that they have been working with her, the more that she has mastered their preference and the faster she has been able to complete their projects with less to no revisions needed. The typical project that Nikol expected to take 3 days to complete has been completed within a day using Delesign.

clock icon delesign


Hours of Design Saved

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Projects Completed

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Dashboard for all teams managing multiple platforms to communicate with unlimited team members from each of their vendors.

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per year saved!

The Results

By the time that N3tworth scaled their business and needed more support with their design and development requirements, they were able to increase their design allotment and add multiple design and development subscriptions through Delesign’s option to do so. They also had the chance to work with different designers and developers with different specialties as their monthly requirements changed.

Since they are also not bound to any contract, they were able to add and place their subscriptions on hold anytime depending on their needs.

Top 3 biggest benefits of working with Delesign based on Nikol’s experience:

  1. Saves me time

  2. Bring more variety of services to my business

  3. Allows me to affordably sclaes my business without sacrificing quality

Nikol’ Moira

CEO/Creative Director of N3tworth

Delegating and collaborating has never been easier through the use of our ‘Go’ dashboard which allows her to focus on higher value tasks.Through our competitive pricing, top notch designers and developers, she has been affordably scaling her business without compromising the quality of the designs and outputs. Now, memberships are doing more for N3tworth's clients in a more functional and seamless manner.

  • Risk Free
  • First Turnaround Time
  • High Quality
  • Delegation
  • Dashboard
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

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