Examples of Linkedin Pages for Products

Aabhas Vijay February 10, 2021

If you move to LinkedIn, you have probably already heard about what are Showcase Pages or product pages. If you haven't been swarming around the most important social network in terms of employment and B2B, you're already late to the party.

Today I Aabhas Vijay from www.SMTPServers.co brings you the examples of companies that have decided to use this option, so that you can see how much traction these companies are gaining using these product pages.

Yes, it is true that each and every one of them is a large organisation, and that surely is not the only reason for their growth on linkedin - among other things because this option was created on LinkedIn years ago

However, if they have done it, what makes you think this is not going to work for an SME?

From the products and services tab to the product pages

This option has been in operation since 2013, although it became better known in the middle of 2018; At this point, there were not many large companies that were using this tool, but before that, they had another option that was left in the gutter with the arrival of the Showcase Pages. I am referring to the product and service tabs that were integrated into each company's own company page and that you will surely remember.

This tool was fine, but make no mistake, it fell short in a place like LinkedIn; after all, it was just a section of the page to promote your products or services. The product pages now are much more since they allow you to divide your different lines of products, services or businesses in different places in a personalized way and, what is more important: with the appropriate link to the specific landing page.

7 Examples of Linkedin Pages for Products

Let's see how it works with these 7 examples.

1. Think with Google

If there is a company that knows about online marketing, it is Google, perhaps for that reason its product page on LinkedIn dubbed Think with Google already has more than 300,000 followers. Be careful, because they may seem few, but we are talking about quite a feat in this environment.

Actually, Think With Google is a tool from the Internet giant that is designed to talk precisely about that, about online marketing, and to give examples and offer real cases of what works and what doesn't. Google shows 9 product pages on LinkedIn, and this is the most followed of all, simply because it is a great option when it comes to finding out what is happening in the advertising market.

At the same time, it offers another Adwords page and some more like Google Cloud, Small Business or Google Partners, among others.

2. Cisco

Showcase Pages have some of the top stars throughout the IT industry, and Cisco is definitely one of them. The business has 11 distinct sections of services and products, on the first position is the Cisco Data Center and Cloud, as it has the largest lot of subscribers and the most constant updates.

Also on Showcase Pages, the content shared is absolutely fantastic, as it is helpful, enticing and up-to-date. A certain recognisable Cisco footprint appears on all the showcase pages, which links them directly to the central particular brand. Even when targeting various audiences, this makes them a great instance of building brand awareness.

3. HP

Hewlett-Packard, the multinational IT and tech giant, has already taken advantage of the Showcase Pages. With ten pages of goods and services, by providing varied content that is constantly updated, HP manages to establish deep interaction with its fans. It also utilises the Showcase Pages to promote its activities.

HP makes excellent use of target group isolation, offering free trial opportunities on certain showcase sites, for example, and providing online live Q&A sessions as well as insightful video talks.

4. Facebook Business

The social network has one of the best Linkedin pages, with a huge following.

In this case, we are talking about 7 different pages, where this is the great protagonist with about 200,000 followers. Apart from .Facebook Business, there are also others such as Instagram Business page one of the networks acquired by Facebook not so long ago- or Facebook Audience Network. This page, as its name suggests, is dedicated to talking about businesses and promoting them; Mind you, don't expect to see frequent updates on it, at least for now.

5. Microsoft Office

We are going with another technology giant. In this case, Microsoft has a good handful of product pages, among which is Microsoft Office, which, how could it be otherwise, is one of the most followed with more than 100,000 followers.

In addition to this, there are other pages such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Learning or Microsoft Visual Studio.

To give you an idea, this Showcase Page is updated more or less a couple of times a week, something that will inevitably attract more followers; even more so considering that it is a constant flow of information about a set of tools that we all use on a daily basis.

6. Amazon Pay

In the Amazon company linkedin page, they have managed to cover the 10 possibilities of product pages that LinkedIn offers. Now, I bet if there were 20 possibilities they would have covered that too.

On their linkedin page the updates focus on their payments platform.

7. Salesforce

Salesforce describes itself, and with a valid reason, as the "enterprise cloud computing leader." As a Client Relationship Management business, it recognises how crucial it is to cultivate positive relationships with the target group.

Therefore, Salesforce has multiple showcase sites, along with AppExchange, the platform for business apps; Salesforce Partners, the enterprise partner ecosystem; and Dreamforce, devoted to its annual meeting. While each one of these accounts has a Salesforce's product look, all of them deliver diverse, tailored content. For instance, the Showcase Page of AppExchange is full of helpful advertised articles and shows of strong added value, since they give the audience valuable knowledge.

Benefits of using product pages on LinkedIn

When it comes to talking about the main benefits of having Showcase Pages, the unsaid primary benefit is to gain a little more visibility, either as a company in general or towards the line-specific business that we want to promote.

Keep in mind that even if your company page is diversified in different groups, your product pages can belong to them regardless of whether they are linked to the first one.

On the other hand, you can receive visits to your page from the Showcase Pages or vice versa, and that is another way to multiply the possibilities.

Segmentation is another great advantage that this tool offers you. Your audience may be interested in your company in general, in just one of your products, in one line of business or in several, and they will always be much more comfortable if you do not bore them with aspects that are not of interest to them.

In addition, as the product pages offer independent analytics to your company page, you can always find out what your target audience is most interested in and what is working for you.

How to create a product page on LinkedIn

Finally, creating a product page on LinkedIn is very simple, especially if you are already a part of the social network. To start you just have to open the tab that says "Edit" within your own company page and click on the drop-down option "Create a product page."

It should be noted that in order to do this you must be one of the administrators of the company page, although you will be able to name other administrators when you have created the Showcase Page. As I told you before, LinkedIn will allow you to add up to 10 product pages. From here you only have to edit your new page with a header image, another main image with your logo, a brief description and, very importantly, a link to a landing page that is a must.

Do not forget the examples that we have shown in the article above. Don't create a page just for the sake of it but rather do it with the intention of sharing meaningful content for your audience. If you want to explore the true potential of product pages remember to maintain consistency in sharing content.