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Graphic Artist Vs. Graphic Designer: Similarities and Differences

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer. Knowing the differences between these two ensures your next creative hire will accommodate what you\'re looking for.

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer. What are the main differences between a graphic designer and a graphic artist? Can a graphic designer be a graphic artist at the same time, and vise versa?

Although there are obvious similarities between these two careers, they are actually quite different. Depending on the type of business you are running and the type of outputs you require, knowing the differences between these two careers is imperative.

Graphic Artist Vs. Graphic Designer

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer


Graphic Artist and Graphic Designer Similarities


These two careers may be different, but there are some things they have in common:

Creative professionals

Rely on visuals to execute their work

Can work in either digital and print formats, or both


Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer


Graphic artists and graphic designers both rely on visuals as well as aesthetics when executing their work. However, it is important to know the differences between these two careers to ensure that your next creative hire will accommodate what you're really looking for.

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer




Graphic artists are sometimes people with a special gift for the art. They may be self-taught or may have a degree in graphic design, graphic arts, fine arts, or they may have a certificate in a related field.

Graphic designers typically need a bachelor's degree in graphic design or a cosely related field. They may also have a specialization in commercial art, graphic communications or cartooning. Graphic designers need to be proficient in graphics softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, etc. Also, most graphic designers need an understanding of HTML and other web design applications.




Graphic artists focus on the aesthetics of what they make. They create imagery that triggers a specific mood. Their work can leave an impression that connects and relates to their own thoughts and emotions, and that of others, to present a particular idea.

Graphic designers are problem solvers. They create designs that communicate a message, with the goal of getting consumers to take action based on what their clients require. They combine logic and art to create designs that trigger a call to action from the receiver of the message.




Graphic artists, just like graphic designers, can also work in commercial settings like graphic design firms, publishing, print and electronic media, and advertising agencies, but they are more likely to be self-employed.

Graphic designers can work with advertising agencies, manufacturing companies, print and digital media publishers, or within companies devoted specifically to the industry. They often work closely with people in promotions and advertising, public relations, and marketing. If you are looking to hire a graphic designer, these graphic design questions may help gauge their ability to provide desired output considering the industry you're in.

Both graphic artists and graphic designers can work on their own. Some companies prefer hiring self-employed designers and have them wotk on specific projects as it saves time and money. Alternatively, companies outsource their design needs to a reputable design partner to also cut both overhead and labor cost.




Graphic artists aim to entertain their viewers. Their work is subjective and can trigger emotions from people by just looking at their work. The main focus is the art, which also reflects their art style.

Graphic designers create design projects based on the needs of their client. They first determine the project's overall goal, its purpose, and the desired look before going through the design phase.




A graphic artist and a graphic designer may not be the same, but they are equally important. Graphic artists are fine artists who express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through artworks. These artworks trigger different emotions or moods. Graphic designers, on the other hand, are problem solvers and they present visual solutions to communication problems. They trigger action from the viewers of their work. The competence to communicate visually is key in both fields, but their approach and objectives vary.

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