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Toptal Screening Process: Providing Top Talent for Your Company

The Toptal screening process simplifies the method of acquiring talent matched to a client’s need. It takes only 0-3 weeks to connect with applicants.

When hiring for the most qualified applicants, employers usually conduct a full-cycle recruitment process. It can be time-consuming, as there is a need to sift through lots of applications. Toptal screening process has provided a solution to eliminate this hassle for recruiters.

Employers do not need to do all the background checks on their own anymore. The Toptal screening process can help them with the recruitment procedures. This makes it similar to Delesign, which provides a dedicated and vetted senior designer for a flat monthly rate.

Toptal is a growing network of talented freelancers. What sets the Toptal Screening process apart from other platforms is its strenuous evaluation of all the applicants. It consequently guarantees that the client matches with applicants who are most qualified for the job. The vetting process usually takes 2-5 weeks to be completed.


The Toptal Screening Process

Step 1. Language and Personality Test

Language and Personality Test is the first phase of the Toptal screening process wherein each of the applicants undergoes an evaluation to assess their command of the English language. It primarily determines if the applicants can fluently write, read and speak English.

Additionally, this phase evaluates the applicants’ personality traits and their eagerness and focus in completing their tasks. According to Toptal, only 26.4% of total applicants pass through this step of the hiring funnel.

This first step usually includes a Skype interview to talk about the applicants’ work experiences and establishing the expectations in joining Toptal.

Step 2. In-Depth Skill Review

This phase of the screening process tests the applicants’ technical skills and capabilities in problem-solving. It is done through various assessments. For developers, for instance, candidates will have 90 minutes to solve an online codility test. This test then evaluates their knowledge in algorithm tests and fundamentals in computer science.

To advance into the next step of the screening process, applicants should have remarkable scores in the In-Depth Skill review. Only 7.1% of applicants pass this phase.

Step 3. Live Screening

In this phase of the screening process, each of the applicants undergoes an interview done by Toptal screeners. Then the applicants need to complete live exercises that evaluate their communication skills, creativity, and others required in their domain of expertise. Only 3.6% of the applicants advance to the next step.

The interviewer usually utilizes the Google Hangouts tool for the interview process.

Step 4. Test Projects

This phase gives the candidates a chance to prove that they have the necessary skills. Qualified applicants up until this phase are assigned with a test project that they need to complete within 1-3 weeks. The test project evaluates their expertise, professionalism, and integrity. Only 3.2% of the applicants pass this stage.

Step 5. Continuing Excellence

Toptal ensures that all members have a maintained track record of excellence when working with clients. The Toptal screening process ensures that only the top talents are available to work with employers, thus delivering high-quality outputs. After this stage, only 3% of all the applicants can connect and work with clients.


Why Choose Toptal?

1. Time-efficient

The time it takes to find qualified applicants only takes about 0-3 weeks. Compared to the long time consumed when recruitment is done using the normal process or through other virtual platforms, utilizing Toptal is very time-efficient. No recruiting fees. It is another advantage of Toptal among other recruitment methods that there is no cost in recruiting applicants for your company.

2. Quality Guarantee and low failure rate

Toptal recruits applicants with the use of a strenuous vetting process. It guarantees that clients can only work with top talents who are experts in their field. Moreover, it allows them to have outputs with high quality.

Companies such as leading Fortune 500 brands and other Silicon Valley startups trust Toptal due to its low failure rate.

3. Pre-screened candidates and no termination cost

Toptal ensures that clients can work with pre-screened candidates who have undergone the whole Toptal screening process.

4. Talent Qualifications

a. Role-Specific Quality

Top talents or Toptalers have a maintained track excellence. It ensures that your company matches with qualified candidates who have relevant work experience.

b. Overall Quality

Toptal not only tests for technical knowledge but also on emotional intelligence quotient that involves attitude and ethics.

c. No risk Trial

Whenever a company is matched with a new Toptaler to work with, a trial period is accessible for them to assess if the candidate is a good fit for the position. The client does not need to pay any fees if they decide that the candidate is not the right match for the job.

5. Your Team Dynamics

a. Quick team Set up

Toptal applicants are acquainted with various project management tools, allowing them to conveniently catch up with your company’s methods on how to collaborate within a team.

b. Flexibility

Adding members to your team can be done quickly and with ease. As long as you can assess if the candidate is fit for your company, then you will be able to work with them long-term. On the other hand, a client can stop using a Toptaler’s services once you decide that they are not efficient in their work anymore.

6. Cost-effectiveness

Companies can work with top talents for a fixed price every week. The clients can choose if they can offer the applicants with hourly, part-time, or full-time positions. There are no hidden fees.


How Does Toptal Work?

1. Identify what kind of talent you need for your team

Whether it is a project manager, graphic designer, or a website developer, Toptal has the best talents for companies. Due to the thorough Toptal screening process, only applicants with a high level of expertise are connected with the clients.

Companies need to present the job description of the position that would need assistance. A team of experts will get in touch with the company to clarify any information. It allows the Toptal experts to have a better understanding of the organization’s needs.

2. Finding the right talent

The company will be receiving a notification regarding the status of the request within a few days. It may be either of the following:

  • There is immediately an available talent for the job.
  • There is an ongoing evaluation of the applicant who fits your job qualifications. Toptal will notify the company once the screen process is complete.
  • There is no current available talent for your request. However, Toptal will still be searching for a candidate who matches your qualifications for the job.

3. The talent then integrates into your team

After you agree on hiring the recommended candidates, they’ll immediately be ready to collaborate and work with your team.

4. Work with talents at no-risk

Companies have a trial period to work with the applicants. If the clients are not satisfied with the services of the talent, they can choose to either not continue or start again with the process of matching with applicants.

Recruiting employees for job positions is a tedious task for most companies. In addition to this, the recruitment process can be costly and time-consuming. It is in situations like this that companies like Toptal are most beneficial. With only 3% of the applicants who pass the thorough screening process, Toptal can guarantee that only candidates with a high level of expertise match with their clients.

Companies like Delesign have their recruitment process in hiring qualified applicants. As a graphic designing service trusted by many, Delesign ensures that its team is composed of the finest professionals who work with high-quality outputs.

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