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Wix Website Examples

Wix Website Examples. People rely on websites when looking for information on what your company offers and how your product or service can benefit them.

Wix Website Examples. People rely on websites when looking for information on what your company offers and how your product or service can benefit them. If you own a business and want a competitive advantage over your competition, you need to have a professional website. Aside from being the backbone of your business, your website may help strengthen all of your digital marketing efforts.

You can hire a professional website designer/developer to build a stunning website that works for your business, but this can be expensive and requires a lot of time to complete. As an alternative, you can use a website builder like Wix to launch a professional-looking website within a day or two. Wix is one of the many platforms that allow you to design and build your own high-quality websites. By far Wix is the most innovative website builder among its competitors. With the Wix website builder, you can simply pick a template and customize various elements on your website.

Here is a list of examples of websites created and launched using Wix. You may refer to these examples for inspiration. With these examples, you also get to see what other Wix users have done with the exact same tools you’re using.

Wix Website Examples

Loom AI

Loom Al is a group of artists and engineers that create super fun and personalized faces for use on your phone. They've actually won Oscars for their work, and are recognized for creating new and innovative tech ideas.

Wix Website Examples: Loom AI Wix Website Examples: Loom AI


Mangomolo is a video production company with many years of experience in their industry. They offer several packages that will fit you and your business needs from basics to more complex.

Wix Website Examples: Mangomolo Wix Website Examples: Mangomolo

Shoyou Sushi

Sushi restaurant located in the Baltimore area. They offer a large menu and are known for some of the best, and freshest sushi in their area.

Wix Website Examples: Shoyou Sushi Wix Website Examples: Shoyou Sushi

Eat Live Sleep

Eat Live Sleep is a food blog that features classic French country recipes. This shows how well Wix fits well with websites that require great amount of images such as photography blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, etc. The homepage showcases beautiful photos and an eye-catching full-width slider.

Eat Live Sleep also has an awesome recipe gallery that presents food photos within a neat image grid, complemented with an easy-to-use filtering system.

Wix Website Examples: Eat Live Sleep Wix Website Examples: Eat Live Sleep


AchieveMore is a computer software and coaching solution for businesses. Instead of wasting time, you can hire them to sort it out and do the dirty work for you.

Wix Website Examples: AchieveMore Wix Website Examples: AchieveMore

Hand Dyed Shoe Company

Simon Bourne takes attention to detail seriously. Every aspect of his site is as handcrafted and perfected as his hand-dyed shoes – not one element is out of alignment or missing a comma. Where he really won our hearts though, is by adding videos of him in action. Scroll all the way down to the end of his home page to see what we mean.

Wix Website Examples: Hand Dyed Shoe Company Wix Website Examples: Hand Dyed Shoe Company

Hiring a professional website designer and developer to build an interactive and professional-looking website for your business requires time and money. For startups and businesses that wish to save money, time, and effort building a strong online presence and launching a website, using an online website-building platform to create web pages is the way to go.

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