February 4, 2021 Published by Maksym Babych

How to Start a Startup in 2021

Are you wondering how to get out of the boring nine to five and how to create a startup that’s actually fruitful? Before you dive into the startup world, consider thorough research so that your startup does not fail like many others.

Are you wondering how to get out of the boring nine to five and how to create a startup that’s actually fruitful? Before you dive into the startup world, consider thorough research so that your startup does not fail like many others. There are more statistics to prove the failure of startups instead of discussing the success rate.

If you wish to create a successful startup, you must follow your real drive in life. In this article, we’ll discuss all taking your startup idea to the marketing stage. Also, in case you are a beginner, learn more on how to start a startup company from scratch.

Reasons to start a startup

People find reasons such as the massive amount of profit to create a huge name for themselves from a startup launch. They may draw inspiration from Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs as they started from scratch and the rest is history. These big names prove your goal should not be to earn money but gain customers who trust you for your service and ideas.

Also, they had a sense of motivation to change the world along with a long term plan. Here are two significant reasons that fuel how to start a startup business ideas.


You may be passionate about anything under the sun, yet have no clue how to turn it into a profitable business. Using skills such as enthusiasm, extroversion, and being open to new intelligent ideas may help you realize your dream. Moreover, you may find people with new ideas and also share.

This can only happen if you network enough and pick the company of those who are like-minded. So, participate in such discussions, join groups, listen, and be aware of new things. Additionally, create a vision along with enhancing your problem-solving skills. As per the founder institute, about 10% of entrepreneurs are smarter than non-founders.


A lot of entrepreneurs have a belief to give back to people. They may create a startup that gives more to the community; hence add value to their business venture. It may be using a product, service, or a by-product of the business. Besides, when you add value to others lives, you also improve their way of living with your customer-centric services.

1 tip for new founders, If possible, look for government programs & grants into grooming startups. They often come with mentorships and expert feedbacks” suggested by Victor H, from SGXP, a new startup from singapore.

What to do after you have an idea?

Did you know, before the success of Alibaba Jack Ma worked thirty different jobs? He was 32 when he began with his Alibaba journey. You may have several ideas, and all of them may not work out as much as you would have hoped for. Therefore, it is vital to learn and have the right attitude for your startup to take off.

Even when you have a great idea, as per startups.com, it may take a minimum of four years for it to work. Read and find out how to optimize your idea.

Creative landing

After strategizing a business plan, you need to be creative with your approach. Go through reports, analyze the reach and areas of growth. Always focus on customers, clients, and feature solutions to understand new trends. Ensure that your information sources are legitimate. You may use surveys over your landing pages with a one-page website to collect the data and information about the potential customers.

This will be possible with creativity and advertisements that may appear on socials such as Facebook and Instagram. And it is more extensive than creating just one or two Facebook landing pages. You may add good CTAs to engage more people and collect feedback. Moreover, you may connect this with email marketing to understand more about customer demands.

Another important thing is to be patient and not rush with less information. The more you research, the better will be the execution with an enhanced sense of creativity. Besides, ensure that your new idea is better than the ones that already exist in the market. Do not forget to check out existing and well-converting landing pages and see what you can implement for your product. Also, finding new innovative solutions to old issues may be helpful.

Drive traffic using ads

Using online ads to generate required traffic towards your website will make people more aware of your business. These ads help in reaching a wider audience through various methods like blogs, referral programs, infographics, contests, and social media campaigns. Your ads may run on a global level or target a smaller audience as per your product.

Moreover, the ads will ensure you have a pool of data and feedback as a measuring tool. You may use bounce rate, CTR, CPI, LTV, views, users, and net promoter score as your standard metrics. Also, find out how to create a client base in today’s pandemic situation while maintaining your productivity.

How to hire a team for a startup?

You may have a great idea, yet you may not be able to juggle all the departments yourself. Therefore, you need a team of professionals to help you out. It also has to be within budget, so you don’t break the bank while rolling out your startup.

Development department

Many startups mainly fail due to a lack of knowledge and experience. For the right development, it needs both technical and non-technical developers to create a dual partnership. They help in sharing the responsibilities and keeping track of management and revenues. You may consider using the Business Model Canvas to build a reliable team. It has nine vital aspects surrounding the responsibilities and layout of your project.

Also, the team should have soft skills, relevant work experience, product knowledge, and industry skills to work as an operational team. The people you hire should be high on passion, along with these skills and not be crazy about initial profits.

Marketing department

After your team has created a perfect product for the targeted customer base, you need to market it to reach them. This is possible with a good marketing team that is not too expensive to turn around the profits. You may learn about the top five things that are vital for digital marketing, including the target audience and the right medium. Your marketing should focus on campaigns that reach as many people as possible.

You may hold online competitions for people to participate by subscribing and buying your services. You may add verbal feedback options or forms to know what a customer expects. Moreover, the use of digital and content marketing, SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing may benefit your startup. So, hire professionals who know these fields.

What’s next? Iterate!

Now that you know all about how to start a startup business, the next step is to iterate and analyze. Instead of wasting your precious time on things that don’t work, look for opportunities for improvement. Many company’s products fail due to lack of research, market expectations, and customer feedback. Therefore, the main focus should be around the analysis of customer experience, pain points and issues with current products.

Moreover, you need to iterate this process several times until you deliver what a customer may be looking for. Your audience may love the current product; however, you may need to think of a new one to keep investing in your startup. That is why you require constant updates. Along with a workable hypothesis, you can test the product with ads and get valuable feedback.

You may use beta testing, pre-orders, and multiple websites before implementing any new changes. It may follow with fundraising to finance the new stages of your startup. So, be prepared to form a network of investors and entrepreneurs.